Thursday, 31 January 2013

Book Review No 1 of 2013! (Just to prove I have been reading) Greyhound by Steffan Piper


greyhound by steffan piper

Yes I have been reading still, just in case you were wondering why it has taken me 31 days to get a review out in 2013, I really have no excuse, just a stack of books waiting for me to tell you all what I think of them. If you care.

For my first book of 2013 this is a bit different. I only bought this because Mr D went to school with the Author & when I found this out, in one of those ‘who is that you’re ‘typing’ to on Facebook moments, Mr D casually told me that this old friend was a real life Author. Just like that, all casual, like he was telling me his old school friend worked down the docks or something. (FYI working down the docks in my town is nothing special.)

It was minutes before I’d persuaded Mr D that we should buy the book for goodness sake! Men. Don’t they know anything about supporting each other!?

So. The book. Like I said, this is not one I would have picked up off the shelf. Maybe if someone had picked it up for me, and I read the back, maybe then I might have bought it..but probably not.

Which makes me think I should be more adventurous about my book buying. You know it’s not all about love and cup cakes and pretty covers.

It turns out this book is based on the Authors true story. The journey of a pre teen boy who gets packed off on a Greyhound bus on a 3 day trip to go and live with his Grandma. I know what you’re thinking. What mother does that?!

I travelled to London on the National Express coach last year. My first 3 hour coach trip on my own. Sebastian is 11/12.

I really enjoyed this book. I have to admit to wondering which parts of the tale were true and which were added to fill out the novel, some parts I was hoping weren’t true!

Do you ever look at all your fellow passengers while travelling and wonder their story? This book has a lovely (well, actually, not all are lovely) cast of characters who join Sebastian at various stages of his journey, and one in particular ex con takes the little boy under his wing. This was the 80’s and I did love the references to it. I was listening to Abba and making up dance routines or playing in the ‘gang hut’ in the back garden. ‘Sebastian’ was wondering if he had enough money for food for the remainder of the journey.

This is a a lovely tale, made slightly gritty by the fact that it’s based on real life events, something a bit different for me, I would tell you to read it.


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

On being In Love and trying not to Feel Smug about it

I find it quite strange when people around me spend a lot of their time moaning about the men in their lives. This has been happening a lot lately, with people who I would call acquaintances rather than any of my real close friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that much of the time it’s just girls having a bit of a laugh at the expense of the boys, comparing who’s man is the most annoying/does less around the house, a sisterhood, you know, ha ha aren’t we all in this together.

I just find that some moan constantly. The boys don’t look after the kids enough, they never do the shopping, they are crap with money, and even if they offer to take the girls out…well it seems this is a hidden agenda.


If the tables were turned? If it were the boys sitting around comparing notes? Well you can imagine how that might go down.

I find myself sitting on the outskirts, chuckling in the right places, all the while feeling quite sad for these girls that they never found their soul mate. Or if they did, they seem to have forgotten.

One girl even said to me why was I being so quiet. My reply?

I was just thinking, it seems like I married the right man.

It’s Mr D’s Birthday tomorrow.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Warm Socks (& Tea)



We got snow. Yippee for us!

I have no pics because the snow we get doesn't often last long enough for me to get the camera out, Mr D & I had a beautiful walk back from a friends dinner party on Sun night all wrapped up at midnight. The streets were deserted, it was indeed a lovely white wonderland. By the time I got up and ventured out on Monday, it was slush. Sad face. Then, I only need to go on Facebook to see one hundred and forty seven thousand pictures of snow.

Changing the subject briefly, i snet my BB to be repaired so I’ve been using an older phone of Mr D’s which means I don;t get my emails or FB notifications straight to my hand bag. I think I like it. For now.

Any hoo, as a lover of socks this colder weather is just the excuse I need to have a look at some cosy ones.

Here's what I’ve found so far.

socks on etsy

found here

socks on etsy 1

Found here

purple leg warmers

Found Here

Does anyone wear Boot Cuffs? I’m wanting my whole leg and foot to be warm and snuggly.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Life of a writer


I think most bloggers have an inner writer just waiting, patiently (or not so) to be found. If only life didn’t get in the way.

This video will just make you want it more.

Enjoy. Oh and it’s filmed at Brighton remember where I went for my 40th birthday?


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

On my book shelves…



I seem to have started a small collection of old books for my shelves. Alice in Wonderland is a favourite.

I think we all do love Winnie The pooh…don’t we?


I think we all know by now this is the place to come if you love all things tea related..

I decided long ago that shelves aren’t just for books, they are a place for my pretty things to gather dust  look…well… pretty.


I only have one alcove in the dining room with book shelves built in, which is very sad for this girl with a love of books and who married a carpenter. One day, there will be a bigger house filled with book shelves….and tea cups……(look away Mr D)


It’s a good place to store cute glasses. Because my house is the Grimm Reaper to glass ware usually.

What do you fill your book shelves with?


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

On being happy



January blues. I know people suffer from these, or SAD. I know that depression is a medical condition.

Some people aren’t happy unless they are unhappy, and I wonder why that is.

I know this blog of mine is (mostly) all happy and rosy, but that is how I want it to be. And that is how I want my life to be, therefore it is. (Mostly)


I haven't made any New Years resolutions, never really do. I’m not going to sit around checking days off on the calendar to change something about my life I’m un happy with.


Sometimes I’m knackered, grumpy, irritable, but that doesn't mean I’m unhappy, it just means I need to sleep.

So, if you think you want to be happier in 2013, then do it. Be it. It’s your choice.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Favourite place to be…

There's something about a real fire that just makes you want to poke it. That's when you aren't staring into it achieving absolutely nothing. It’s good for the soul.

Maybe that’s why I married a carpenter? A girl needs a bottom less pile of wood.

This photo was taken on Christmas day which is why I have my glass of pink fizz. That is a vintage champagne glass which I bought from a lovely lady in Ireland can you believe that? I paid about 8.00 for two and they survived the journey. I think I may drink pink fizz more often, even if Christmas is over there’s gottta be more reasons to drink it?

As you may have noticed I just discovered Photo bucket and the edit button. Oh the possibilities are endless.

Today I have not been sitting at the fire. Today I have achieved lots. The spiders are homeless/have a sparking clean home in 3 rooms of the house. I have written mail to those of you who may or may not have noticed my complete mail failure this Christmas.

Hope you are either being productive or are sitting staring at the fire achieving nothing. Either one works.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

That was the year I turned 40.



I’ve been reading all the round up posts of the year 2012, where bloggers put together a whole list of favourite events/photos for each month and link back to the posts so we can read them.

I love looking at all your lovey exciting adventures and/or achievement's, but I've gotta be honest with you, I have not got the  gumption to come up with that kind of post.

So the best thing that happened to me this year was that I turned 40. I did so many wonderful things in celebration (lets face it I just used it as an excuse to get to do loads on my bucket list).

So we went to Brighton with friends, somewhere I had never been but knew I would love. I was right.

On the way home I got to hang out with a best friend from primary school days who I hadn’t seen in forever.


I got to have Afternoon Tea at a local tea room with a bunch of lovely people..


And then there was the day in London with a very good friend who I met in my college days. Yes in case you missed that post I had Afternoon Tea at The Ritz if you please.


I went over to NYC with Mr D & some friends. The highlight of which was having my first ever bloggy pal date


And as it was so successful, I thought why the hell not, lets have another date. And there I was meeting the beautiful Ann-Margaret at Fortnum & Masons in London when she came over for a few days.

Ann-Margeret and Claire Fortnum & Mason

(Photo from The Lady Herself)

Looking back at these makes me realise just how fantastic 2012 was for me.

I just cannot wait to see what 2013 will bring for me and Mr D.

Hope it’s a great one for you too.