Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Did you write a Journal

When I was younger I always kept one. One of those lockable ones to keep intruders out but which in fact would probably be really easy to break into if you cared that much about what I had written in it.
I never kept them, which is one thing in my life I do regret. I stopped writing in them in my late teens and never got back into it. I would always buy one and then never keep it up. Then I found blogging, and I feel like this is my journal, except that some people read it, it’s not locked.
It’s isn’t as private as a journal you can stuff in your knickers drawer, and so I am a bit careful about what I type on here, I would never write about any specific person or problem at work for example, but that doesn't mean it isn’t a true window into my life.
I wonder if people write a journal as well as post on a blog and if you write about totally different things in each.
Have you kept every journal you ever wrote? And do you let anyone read them or are they still locked/stuffed into your knickers drawer?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Secret Lives of Dresses by Erin Mckean Book Review No.4

the secret lives of dresses erin mckean
This is one of those books that I was never NOT going to read.
Whoever designed the cover knew what they were doing, I tell ya!
'Every dress has a story.
Let me tell you mine...'
Dora is in love with a man who barely notices her, has a job she doesn't care about, and dresses entirely for comfort, not style. All a far cry from her vivid, eccentric childhood, growing up with her beloved grandmother Mimi.
However, when disaster strikes, Dora knows she has no choice but to return to her childhood home and take over running Mimi's vintage clothing shop. And there she makes a surprising discovery - Mimi's been writing stories to accompany every dress she sells. Romantic, heart breaking tales about each one's secret life before it got to her shop...
Dora starts to match make these lonely frocks with new owners, but will the stories help her as well? Trading her boring high street clothes for vintage glamour is one thing. What she needs to know is whether she can trade her safe old life - and love - for something better too?
A captivating and enchanting novel for every girl who knows that the right dress can change your life.
As you can imagine, I totally lost myself in this book.
I have a story to go with all my own dresses, where they came from, places they’ve taken me, and I loved that about this novel, the idea of including these stories with the dress..although I think there could have been lots more of these stories throughout, but maybe that’s just me.
The Author Erin writes the apparently ‘extremely popular blog’
I got all excited and went on over, imagining a blog full of eye candy, vintage dresses galore…but I have to say I was slightly disappointed. Anyway go on over and see for yourself.

Friday, 26 April 2013

He loves me……

Mr D brought me a bunch of daffodils home the other night. It was about midnight on a Tues which is the night Mr D goes and talks **llo**s important business with his friends at the local pub & I have a nice night in just me my remote and my online friends (actually typing that even to me makes me sound like a complete freak)
Anyway, the daffodils were lovely, a cute little bunch, I’ve put them in a vintage jug on the dining table, but considering there are no flower shops on the way to home from the pub & if there was they certainly wouldn’t be open at midnight, one has to question where they came from.
The daffodils in the local park are beautiful this time of year.
Am I worth doing time for? It would seem so.
PS. The picture is not exhibit A. I decided not to take any photographic evidence.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Do they know you write a Blog?



Do your friends and family know you write a blog? Do you tell them if the subject comes up in conversation? Or do you tell everyone you meet…as in  Hello my name is Claire I’m married and oh I write a couple of blogs here’s my address so you can look me up… maybe you have a little card with your blog address on that you whip out at every opportunity?

When I thought about this, I came to the conclusion that most of my friends don’t know I blog. I have mentioned to some of them but to be quite honest I don’t think any are into the whole blogging thing and probably forget I’ve said it by the time they get home. Some probably don’t even know what a blog is.

I feel weird bringing it up, when I have and people have asked what do I blog about and I reply oh you know, this and that, and I like to post pictures etc they just look at me like I’m from a completely different world. They are probably right, blogging can be a different world, a bit of creative escape. Which is one of the reasons I like it.

Then there’s the times that my blogging friends come up in conversation. At work the other day a colleague asked if anyone was going to NYC soon as there was something she wanted and without thinking I said oh I have a friend who lives in NYC, then they ask how I have a friend living over there and I say oh I met her though a blog I write. Awkward moment when they look at me like all their fears of my weirdness has been confirmed.

As for meeting blogging friends, ‘ what do you mean you went to afternoon tea with a complete stranger?’  They will never understand that just because we never met in person there are times I feel I know more about my blogging friends and have more in common than with the people I come face to face with daily.

 'I do have a card with my Etsy address on, & the blog which goes with that, so I would be more likely to tell people about that blog as I think of that more of a business. There’s no harm in giving people a business card now is there.

This blog though, is more of my on line diary and so in the same way that I would not say to friends here would you like to read my journal…I don’t often talk about this here blog of mine.

Maybe it’s because I feel quite protective of my little space in blogger world, It’s certainly not because I care what they think, I grew out of that a long time ago, but I do feel like It’s mine to do with what I like, if everyone I know started reading it would that influence what I post about?

What do you think?


Monday, 22 April 2013

Back to the place where we belong…


scarfel summit

I rang in sick to work for the first time in at least a year yesterday, but not before I’d finished 2 8 hr shifts feeling like crap. I know I’m some kind of hero, ringing in sick at the weekend would have been a bad move as they would have had to work one short…but I’m paying for it today.

However, brighter things are on the horizon, as holidays are just around the corner and soon Mr D and I will be heading off to The Lake District for a week in a cottage with friends.

I’ve been looking at old photos of past holidays there,and found this one above taken in 98 according to the digital date thingy.

Mr D and I are on the far left, did you recognise us?  This is before we were married, awww. There has been some debate as to which summit this was, we did soooo many in those days haha!


This one was more recent, 2010 making my way up Pillar. That hurt.


I’m thinking now that I’m in my 41st year, that I can get away with more of this kind of thing…..tea and cake. Well it is a holiday after all?!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chapter One…


chapter one

I always knew there was a novel in me just waiting for the right time to come out.

At high school my best friend and I would write… not so much novels but on going sagas which never ended, we would each write a few pages, swap and read each others at break times talk about them and then take them home and write some more. Mine were never finished, had no real construction, and I never thought about what I was going to write until I was sat there with the pen in my hand.

I have written nothing since those high school days. Not many days have passed though when I haven't thought about it.

I’ve had the opposite to writers block, too many ideas are in my head, so many that I sit and stare at the note pad and end up writing nothing because I just never know where to start. The note pad just never seems big enough.

The time has come. I have decided that the cute note pads I keep buying with the thought of ‘they can be for notes on my novel’ are being filled up with characters and story lines,  and I have to tell you, I’m quite excited. Now that I have some words on that note pad, I can’t stop the flow.

I might even set a goal of a word count a day. Isn’t that what ‘proper’ writers do? Structure to the writing day, that must be a good thing no?

Have you got a novel in you somewhere?


Monday, 8 April 2013


This is a photo from last weekend which saw Mr D, myself & friends in a hanger on an airfield with several hundred Motor bikers. The boys played music, it was late, it was very very cold. Mr D got excited about seeing his fav tipple on tap, especially as myself had the car keys...then got worried when he was asked to 'drive' the big flashy mixing desk for a while...With the clock change we didn’t get to go to sleep until 4am. Hey all in the name of fun right?
This past weekend was much warmer, and we spent it preparing for the coming season of adventuring in our home on wheels. Adventures start in a couple of days and I am more than ready.
Happy Monday!
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Thursday, 4 April 2013

That Crazy Wrap Thing….GIVEAWAY!!

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I would just like to say this is not a sponsored post. I have never been paid in any way shape or form for reviewing anything on my blog.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Thoughts



The clocks changed at the weekend, which means a Happy Mr & Mrs D, more pottering about can be done in the lighter evenings & lots to look forward too in the (hopefully) warmer weather.

spring poster

If this sun continues, I may even be in danger of getting out in the garden and clearing it up a bit.

Spring Loves

Lighter evenings

Drinks at the Wood burner  outside

Adventures in the Home on Wheels starting!!

Beautiful walks in The Lakes

Planting pretty flowers

Reading the pile of books I’ve collected in the last few weeks

What do you love about spring?