Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Remembering fairground rides past..



Some would say that Mr D is a man of many toys and hobbies, indeed, he often complains that there just aren’t enough days in a life time to fit all his hobbies in. He likes the nice things in life, which he works hard for.

But actually, all he really needs is a ride on the Star Jets and his little world is complete.



Monday, 29 July 2013

The story of a hair do


I’ve often thought I’d like to get my hair done all vintage-esque and with a birthday in the camp this year 3 of us girlies decided to take the plunge.

The nice hairdresser ladies in the tent near the dance marquee requested that our hair be ‘dirty’ for our appointment. Well we had no problem fulfilling that criteria.


This was my nice ‘dirty’ hair before.


I sat and let her back comb my locks (i wonder if she regretted her request at all when her comb got stuck in my hair) to within an inch of their lives & then fill my head with bobby pins and hairspray.


The finished result made me look like I kind of belonged, don’t you think?



By sleeping very very still and Geisha like, this style stayed in for 3 days!. I began to know what the old fashioned ladies felt like that kept their hair in so long they had birds nesting in there.

One day, I’m going to have a go at this kind of thing myself.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pretty Darn Cute


Saw these gorgeous girls last week when we ventured from our shady sanctuary to the big entertainment marquee. All the way from the US of A to entertain us, and they did a damn good job.

So grab a G & T on this lovely summer evening, stick a flower in your hair and enjoy the show .


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A room outside



Back from travels, (for now) and what a perfect week we had. If you forget about the dust picked  up by the passing tanks, the grit in your teeth that reminded me of sitting on the beach as a child and eating sand sandwiches, dust sticking to sun tan cream, then the weather really was perfect.

10 days spent on an old Race course in Kent, along with a gazillion other like minded fellows from all other the globe.

I’ve been threatening to pretty up the camp for a while now, and this year introduced some solar powered fairy lights to the communal dining shelter, amazingly none of the boys protested.

Well, really, how could they?

I spent my time reading (2) books, watching the swing dancers, learning some dodgy smooth moves of my own, browsing the stalls for hidden treasures whilst hiding under my parasol from the harsh sun and supping Pimms.

See? Perfect.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Gypsy travels


vintage packing

It’s that time of year, to go off on our travels, I am hoping for wonderful weather, but will be prepared for all that the British climate can sling at me.

I am wondering if a 7 1/2 ton lorry is big enough for all my essentials.

Oh, and I have bought the cutest set of solar powered fairy lights to girly up the camp. The boys are going to love them, I just know it.

The camera battery is charging as I type….


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Angels in the Snow by Sarah Morgan. Book Review No. 10


angels in the snow sarah morgan

Have yourself a very magical Christmas, full of romance and sparkles! Stella Martin has come back home to the Lake District for Christmas. But is she brave enough to face the man who proposed, then immediately dumped her two Christmas Eve's before? Daniel Buchannan is not looking forward to Christmas - and even less when Stella reappears in the village. But this year will be different! Patrick Buchannan has to make Christmas special for his kids. Luckily, his son Alfie has a plan to make it happen. Alfie knows a lot about the magic of Christmas. And when snowflakes are falling, Christmas carols are ringing out, and the hills of the Lake District are shimmering in the snow, it's possible to believe in Christmas miracles.

This novel is published by Mills & Boon, but don’t let that put you off…I’ve never actually read a Mills & Boon novel, I have this idea that they wouldn’t be my type of thing at all….but this was nothing like I would expect.

It is a light hearted romantic easy read, but not sickly and old fashioned as is my preconceived idea of a Mills & Boon novel..

I was annoyed with the characters, I wanted to shake Daniel every time he blamed his up bringing on his commitment phobia, & I’m not sure that I would be giving him the second chance!

I read this way back at Christmas, it is compulsory to read some Christmas books by the fireside, and it did the job, although not crazy about it, it passed the time & entertained, which is sometimes all you want in a novel.

(I may be tempted to dive into the stack of Mills & Boon at the charity shop….ummmm…did I just type that??)


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Clearing out a life time

Last weekend sis & I made the road trip to Yorkshire to visit Grannie, to see her new flat in a lovely modern sheltered housing complex.

Whilst there we cleared out the last of her house. Grannie lived in that house for 60 odd years, she brought up her 3 children there, had some great neighbours that would look in on her and bring her favourite ginger biscuits once a week from the market. An ex council house which she was able to buy later on, the house my sister and I visited regularly with our parents, where we made friends with some of the neighbours children, and played in the garden making Bertie Basset costumes out of polystyrene. 

grandad & sheena

Grandad & Auntie Sheena

So much stuff collected over 60 years, Grannie is a keen crafter, & one room was full to bursting with her crafting bits and pieces. The ribbons and buttons she thought one day would come in handy but then were forgotten amongst the drawers and tins.

We were in charge of making ‘executive decisions’ about which treasures to take to her new flat, and which to throw away or give to charity, I was quite impressed with how ruthless she was, only keeping what she thought she would really need.

I’m not sure I will ever be that ruthless with my collections, I look around at my piles of books, magazines and shelves of pretty china and I wonder what my house will be like when the time comes to move.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Vivien’s Heavenly Ice cream Shop. Book review No. 9


vivian's heavenly icecream shop

When Imogen and Anna unexpectedly inherit their grandmother Vivien's ice cream parlour, it turns both their lives upside-down. The Brighton shop is a seafront institution, but while it's big on charm it's critically low on customers. If the sisters don't turn things around quickly, their grandmother's legacy will disappear forever.
With summer looming, Imogen and Anna devise a plan to return Vivien's to its former glory. Rather than sell up, they will train up, and make the parlour the newest destination on the South Coast foodie map.
While Imogen watches the shop, her sister flies to Italy to attend a gourmet ice cream-making course. But as she works shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best chefs in the industry, Anna finds that romance can bloom in the most unexpected of places...

You and I both know that there would not be the remotest possibility of me passing this book by on the shelf. I mean. Look at it.  And the title.  Argh.

So, of course I bought it. And read it on the weekend whilst away in our home on wheels. It rained. a lot. The perfect excuse to sit inside and read.

You’ve probably noticed the run of novels lately of people being left sweet shops, or opening cup cake cafes so I guess it was only a matter of time before someone got left an ice cream parlour.

I have to say there were no great surprises in this tale, everything that I would expect to happen did. Including the buying by Imogen of a battered old retro ice cream van to take to festivals. Then there’s the evil step Aunt wanting to turn the parlour into a posh restaurant. Having said that I enjoyed it. A lot.

The book reminded me of my time managing a sea front ice cream parlour/coffee shop, the home made Italian ice cream, the rainy days sat by myself, I did wonder how on earth the sisters thought it would be ok to make the ice cream at home and then sell it through the shop…no health certificate in sight and a little dose of food poisoning, my goodness what on earth did Imogen do to the ice cream to manage that!!

This book has joined the collection on my shelf. With all the other cafe/tea related books that I dream will one day be sitting on the bookshelf of my own tea room Smile

Perfect book for summer reading, and at the end you even get some lovely ice cream recipes to try for yourself.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Campfire Nights

There’s nothing better than sitting round the campfire with a group of friends on the summer nights, when you are stuffed full of burgers and sausages but you still manage to squeeze in the crisps and nuts that are passed around the circle.
The chat is about everything and nothing, and the singing is often ear wrenching, but fun.
Sometimes, when the chat stops, you realise you’ve been staring into the heart of the fire for more than a few minutes.
Oh to be small enough to fit into a car boot complete with sleeping bag, torches and teddy bears.
It’s always nice when you get a little private fire work display too
The next time you wear the jacket, the smell of bonfire reminds you of the good time you had.
The bonfire that a friend kindly let you light on their front lawn.. (see previous post)
This weekends travels is a 4 hour road trip to visit grannie with big sis. There is a list of jobs waiting our attention, there will be no bonfire, but there will be some tea and cake.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The night we camped on the front lawn



Summer has well and truly arrived this last weekend, and thank goodness as we were off on our travels to visit a friend who was having a little retirement get together.

I had never visited the house before but ohmigolly what a house it was.


The front lawn had been mowed specially for us to park on. Now that’s hospitality.

The only thing better than having friends with such lovely homes is when they don’t mind a bunch of Gypsy’s turning up and parking in front of their house.


I left Mr D sitting in the sun and went for a wander of the grounds. This is where I admit to playing  a little make believe aka pretending I was lady of the manor.


Shame I didn’t come across anyone so I couldn’t practise my ‘get orrrrrrrf my land’


I resisted the urge to take the little row boat for a spin…



And didn’t even attempt to steal the honey. Didn’t have my suit of armour with me.


I came across lots of little friends waiting to be taken out…


We couldn’t have had a nicer day for the get together, there was lots of laughter, lots of singing around the camp fire and some fire works late in the evening.

I feel like the summer has finally started.

More pics of the night time fun to follow

Hope you had a lovely weekend.