Friday, 17 January 2014

Excuse me while I say the C word.

I'm having an argument with Blogger at the moment. We've been tussling for a while, but it seems to have chosen to have a complete hissy fit. Not only that but my Windows Live writer is 'not working' so the little box says that pops up in the middle of my screen like my computer is sticking it's tongue out at me.
So not only do I not have my usual way of writing posts but Blogger has decided it won't it let me upload any photos. It goes through the motions, making me think something is happening and then...nothing.
I've decided that now would be a good time to re think the whole blog thing. I may go to another host, it would be good to know what you all rate? 
While I'm sorting my virtual  life out (and saying the C word more than once) I will still be around Blog land visiting you.


  1. I hear you girl. Blogger deleted stacks and stacks of my photos - it was a nightmare and ever since it just doesn't seem to work very well. I'm looking elsewhere too but have to say that there are not great options available....I've tried wordpress before but think it should be renamed worddepress it's so difficult to get a handle on. Harrumph! x

  2. I was having a few problems too, but when I changed my browser to Google Chrome, everything was OK again.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Oh dear blogger does have it's issues from time to time and it can be so frustrating! Hope you find something that works. Sarah x

  4. I agree with Liz, maybe try a different browser? I use Safari and I've never had any issues.

    x Jasmine

    PS. By the 'c' word do you mean crap or the OTHER 'c' word?

  5. I wish I'd changed to Wordpress ages ago, people keep telling me this too. Don't leave for ever though...

    Buckets & Spades