Saturday, 25 January 2014


This week has been a bit up and down for me, hence my blogging absence. I mean who wants to come to a blog and read my moaning about how absolutely crap I feel, how half the staff work force have been struck down in the same week with a horrible flu like virus, yes I have mostly battled on and worked through it so far but I did spend my one day off in bed. All day, waking up in a pool of my own sweat and only surfacing for the tomato soup and lucozade Mr D brought me. The shifts I have been working we have been short staffed and although doable this doesn't allow for anything emergency wise to happen, we have a few tenants who are very ill, some terminal, I don't actually have a scheduled day off till next Fri but my shifts next week are much shorter (at the moment!) so thats something to be grateful for.
So after I've bored you all with that..
I have managed to finish the above book, which I've been reading for a while, and am now at that delicious stage of choosing a new one to start from my 'library'.

 I'm still loving my Christmas present form Mr D, my little Tablet, and am embracing all things Instagram.
Even looking like a real teenager taking that selfie whist out for a walk last week.

This is what my Sun nights look like, as Sundays is my private sleep over job. Brunty Bear comes with me, usually some scooby snacks, and of course a book.
I'm looking for a good musical to go and see, as Mum is taking me and sis to one in the near future.
Can anyone recommend any new ones? I've heard 'From Here to Eternity' is good?
Time for a bath and to make myself presentable for visitors tonight...

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  1. EEP, I hate when flus go around. Unfortunately, I'm not a huge musical person so I can't recommend any, but I'd love to know what you choose!