Saturday, 4 January 2014

The week after the week before..

cosy fire
This past week our little fire has been burning nicely, I can’t remember the last time it was out although it isn’t even really that cold, it’s just nice to have it going…because we can..
Last night at about 9.30pm I decided to take the decs down, so now Christmas is really officially over & all the pressies are away.
retro sweeties
I was a very lucky girlie this year & received some great pressies, including the big tin of old school sweeties above, which I made a big dent of whist watching The Dambusters for the very first time on New Years Day. I do like a little sweetie or two, in fact I have just put ‘some’ in my pocket to take to work.
Mr D gave me a tablet, which I love, and in case you haven't noticed I am now in the land of Instagram, you can find me by clicking the button up there on my side bar.
I’m rapidly becoming one of ‘those’ people that clog up your news feed on face book.
fortnum and mason tea bags
These Tea bags were from a friend, & I have been reliably informed that these were purchased from a shop at the airport in Dec and went all the way to Cyprus and back before I got them.
joules wellies
I did something on Christmas day I’ve never done before..went shopping on line in the sale. (On Christmas day I mean…obv I’ve shopped on line ‘now & then’) These very cute wellies were one purchase. I’ve seen these at Joules before and waited patiently for them to become reduced. I also bought an overnight bag which hasn’t been delivered yet, & I did that thing I love…went to Boots and bought a load of lovely gifts for birthdays throughout the year. Does anyone else do that? I find it quite satisfying to know I have a stash of pressies in my wardrobe.
rocky road
Home made gifts are always nice to receive, and this Rocky Road was very yummie, & sprinkled with gold dust which covers your face so you can’t get away with stealing any, in case you were thinking about it.
Hope you’ve all had a good week!


  1. Happy New Year Claire ... Love your woodburner! Am now following you on Instagram, love having someone new to browse through ...

    Love Claire xxx

  2. I love those boots! And that fire is amazing. I think if I saw that, I would buy the home for that alone. I'm hoping our next place will bring us to the life of being FP owners.

  3. The week after is a bit weird isn't it, but it's all over for one year. Our decs aren't quite down yet though and we still have a ton of chocs left.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. Your home looks so warm and cosy, and what better than to chomp through some rocky road and sweets while watching tv!!

  5. What a lovely woodburner, wish I could have one :(
    My hot water bottle came from ebay apparently. Happy New Year.

  6. Our decs are all down too. Feels like Christmas is totally over now.

    Loving the wellies and that rocky road looks yummy.

    X x

  7. So so fun! I (thankfully, as I'm running low) received loose leaf tea for Christmas :)
    It looks like you had a good holiday season! It's nice to be back in your little cyber world again--it's been a while. When I switched blogging sites I stopped reading as much.

    Happy New Year!