Thursday, 27 February 2014

Childhood Friends

This past weekend found Mr D and I heading to Sussex. The band had a gig in Lewes, and I just happen to have a friend who lives nearby. 
The last time we saw each other was on  my 40th Birthday weekend when we were on  our way home from Brighton, nearly 2 yrs ago. The time before that would be about 20 yrs ago!
Luckily, when I contacted her and said we were heading in her direction again she offered us and our traveling companions a bed for the night.
We had a great night, the boys gig went extremely well (more about that later) and we were fed and watered and made to feel most welcome.
There's nothing better than when you stay in touch with childhood friends, and still get along. I have to wonder sometimes if we would even like each other, had we stayed living close by, who knows, but as the years have passed snail mail, & email have come and gone between us, months have gone by (years at one stage) when we have lost touch, then found each other again (thank you Face book!)
Child hood friends are the ones that know everything. The secrets we shared in the meetings at the 'gang hut' (my garden shed which we took over to plot and scheme Enid Blyton style) the first crushes (limahl) and all those dreams you have at 9yrs old.
Do you keep in touch with your child hood friends?


  1. How lovely to still be in contact. I sometimes hear from my best friend from school (again thanks Facebook) and we keep saying we must meet up. We might get around to it one of these days.

    X x

    X x

  2. I don't actually know any of my childhood peeps, just didn't work out but it's nice to know it can work sometimes!

    Buckets & Spades

  3. Yes I'm still in touch with some of my childhood friends. It is so easy with them, as you say they know you inside out.

  4. There is nothing like childhood friends is there?
    Sarah x

  5. Lewes is a lovely town and not far from me. Still in touch with a couple of my childhood friends.

  6. Ahhh Limahl used to adore him and leif garret....I also used to live very close to Lewes, in fact my husband proposed to me there!
    so glad you kept in touch FB is good for some things....bestest daisy j x