Saturday, 15 February 2014


We had a mid week escape to a friends house, there was a gig in Cambridge by The Strypes, a late night Mac Donald's, a lie in for me the next day, & holiday planning over breakfast.
The book by the way, has been finished now, review to come, the magazine is 25 Beautiful homes one of many magazines I subscribe to (did you know if you subscribe you can usually get a half price deal?)
The Lozenges were a god send as I've had a dodgy throat and sinuses all week. 

The photo above is the breakfast basket we took with us to said friends

I got a valentine :)

Including some roses. There was a bag of mini eggs, which it could be argued are my favourite part of Easter, but alas, they disappeared before I could take a eggs for breakfast? Why the hell not?

 The day was quite uneventful, I worked a late shift and came home to dinner made by Mr, and then an early night.
Now for the weekend. I'll be working what about you?


  1. Ain't The Strypes like a bunch of 12-year-olds that play a mean guitar and evoke the spirit of '50s rockabilly like it's something newfound? They have a great look, though, kind of like how all kids their age must wish to look but can't ever pull off.

  2. Working all weekend here. I did get a valentine card from a not very secret admirer tho.


  3. Mini Eggs can be eaten at any time... that's the law! I am about to enjoy a week off and looking outside the sky is blue and NO WIND!! At last!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and make the most of the weather... what ever it chooses to be. xx