Saturday, 29 March 2014

Blogosphere Magazine. Review (And how many times you can fit the word Blogger into a post)

I've spend many a day trawling the magazine shelves in the local news agent. There are magazines for every interest, hobby and past time thats going it seems, but I have often wondered when someone will realize the gap in the market that is the Bloggers magazine.
I can't remember where I stumbled upon this, probably on someone's blog, but I was thrilled to bits to find that actually there IS a magazine out there for Bloggers....!
Of course I had to try it, I promptly ordered the first 3 issues in a bundle deal that i found. 
They came through my door 3 days later.
They feel nice. Quality magazines, which is always nice. The covers are cool. The models are fellow Bloggers.
Inside is split into different sections. Beauty, Food, Life Style, Travel, Photography, Fashion. We are given a taste of several blogs in each category, picked out by bloggers. it's like when you read a blog post of your favourite bloggers favourite blogs.(!)  
But in the flesh, on paper. 
Having it written down like that so you can carry it with you is different to reading about it on the screen. If you're anything like me, you lose your way in the world wide web. Blog hopping soon becomes..I'm sure I read a really cool blog but then I clicked on a link or an advert and now I can't find my way back to it....
Well case in point, didn't I just say at the top of this page I can't remember where I originally saw this magazine?
So as they say, this is a magazine written by Bloggers for Bloggers. There are plenty of interesting articles to read too, about the law (copyright) platforms, (Blogger vs Word press) and more in depth interviews with Bloggers.
I've only read issue 1 so far, but have thumbed through the next 2, & I can't wait to curl up in bed and read more.



  1. Oooh that sounds great. I find blogs I like that I have know idea how to follow they have no gfc or bloglovin and that really confuses me.

  2. Who knew! What a great idea.

    X x

  3. nice review, i've not seen it myself but i think the fact that it's written for bloggers by bloggers is a great hook.

    Buckets & Spades