Monday, 3 March 2014

Champagne on a school night...

My story....
As is quite often the case, on any given night of the week, I thought tonight would be a good night for a glass of bubbles out of the Royal Doulton glassware. Sitting by the fire letting the stresses of the day fade away, celebrating the fact that here we are, in our cosy little house with each other.. There's just nothing quite like crystal to have bubbles out of is there? 

And then there's what really happened....
When I opened the fridge looking for something to drink with tea, I saw the bottle of Champagne my parents gave to me for my 40th birthday. It's been in the fridge since then. I will be 42 this August.
Well, I thought to myself it must be quite nicely chilled by now, I've survived another day, so why the hell not?!
Mr D took 2 sips before declaring it 'battery acid' (he's just not posh like me) and opening a can of something dark with a frothy top. I had to climb on the kitchen work top to retrieve the glasses out of the box they are kept in. Any glass ware not kept in a box in this house has a very short life span. I will have to wash these glasses up and put them back in their sanctuary before going to bed.
Opening a second tab to check Face Book, (you know you do it too...) I just received a private message from the Mr which tells me...'Telly now. No more pooter' Which, interpreted reads...I wanna watch more of Breaking bad on Net Flix so get your arse in the lounge now.

Just another day in paradise 


  1. Ooooo bubbly! Love it. My hubby hates it too. Must be a bloke thing.

    X x

  2. Love that you just randomly decided to drink a bottle that had been sitting in the fridge for the best part of two years. Sounds like the sort of thing I'd do, too! And yeah, I am that Facebook-checking second-tab person, too!

  3. Hah, it's always perfect time for a little champagne, even early in the am :)