Saturday, 1 March 2014

UP in Lights by Marjorie Graham Book Review No. 4

The touching true story of a young 1920s ‘flapper’, who dreamed of becoming a chorus girl.
‘Early that January, there was snow on the ground, and Victoria Carmen took a violent chill. I played Principal Boy in her place. At last! MARJORIE GRAHAM was all alone in electric lights outside the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh!’
Born into an ordinary Edinburgh family in 1904, Marjorie Graham was expected to grow up like any other respectable girl. But her childhood dance classes with friends instilled a burning desire in her: to be a star.
She couldn’t have chosen a better time. As the roaring Twenties of jazz, Gatsby and glamour flared into life, young Marjorie got her first break as a chorus girl. But the glamour of being a ‘flapper’ brought with it hidden dangers, an altogether darker world of failed love affairs, poverty and addiction to drink…
From chorus girl, to actress, to raconteur and everything in between, this is the touching, tragic story of an ordinary woman with an extraordinary zest for life, whose name was destined to be up in lights

The only reason I made it to the end of this book was because it was only 152 pages long. The front cover (yes I do judge a book by them) and the blurb totally sucked me in, and I was expecting to read about the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties. Marjorie was only a chorus girl for a short time, and the rest of the book is just the story of her life. Not very glamourous and dare I say it, a tad boring.
The sad thing is, this is actually a true story, and I feel bad for calling it boring. This was actually her life.
But there you go, I suppose I think if you are going to write a memoir then you ought to have something worth telling?


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