Friday, 21 March 2014

Woman about Town. Book Review No.5

Iris Biddle would like to experience the Perfect Day. She'd like to wake up one morning with all errands done and deadlines met, her posh custom-lampshade business for once ahead of schedule-and have absolutely nothing to regret or worry about. Forty years old and determined to take it gracefully, Iris is experiencing the fallout from her painful divorce.

Lana Burton would like her boyfriend of two years to commit. At thirty-four, Lana is an eager young theater critic moving up the New York hierarchy one step at a time and learning that some friends resent a slow climb as much as a fast one.

A quintessential New York story, to be sure . . . but Iris and Lana deal with the issues and challenges that confront women everywhere: keeping friendships afloat, the checkbook balanced, the wardrobe current, the body in shape, the career moving, and the morale up. And what about achieving one's dreams while staying true to oneself?

I got this book from a pile destined for the charity shop my sister had. I rescued it as I am always immediately drawn to novels based in NYC. This one promised to be everything I think a novel based in NYC should be, and yet somehow it just wasn't.
There really isn't a plot in this novel, I think if I had read the reviews on Goodreads before hand I would have let the charity shop benefit sooner.
On the other hand I was determined to plough through it, even though I felt like I was trawling through mud.
I'm sure there's probably a whole different way of looking at this, the lives and loves of two career women in NYC that are connected, if I'm honest, the only reason I finished it was because it was so small (226 pages)
Might as well have been 1226 though.  

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