Monday, 14 April 2014

A little corner of my world..

Today I thought I might like to let you in to a little corner of my world. 
Apart from my bed, which I love, this is my very favourite place in my house.
The chair used to belong to my Granny, it was the chair she sat on every day in her parlor until she decided to get a new one (probably because although extremely comfy this chair is quite low for Grannie's to get out of) the chair then travelled south and found a new home at my parents, until for some unknown reason they decided they didn't want it.
I couldn't bear to see the chair banished, so I re homed it and there it has sat in my dining room for a few years now.
Recently Mr D re webbed it, (I think that's the technical term) and wow, it's like a brand new chair.
The blanket that is thrown over it is because, although I love this chair, I'm not so in love with the cushion covering of it.

Next to my chair sits a table which I found at the charity shop I volunteer in. It cost me a whole 5 pounds and is just the right height.
I listen to my vintage Roberts Radio daily.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that if you look real close, underneath the chair is great storage hiding place for my to-be-read pile s.
These days I need my reading glasses and the pink case is the one that came with them. I'm not blind btw, I don't need my glasses all the time, but I do notice if I read for any length of time without them my eyes get tired and the words dance about.

My wicker basket is full of things to read. The reason the magazines are so out of date is I bought them from the charity shop. I wouldn't normally buy this type. 
I have almost finished the Blogosphere magazines but am keeping them to look up the blogs featured.
So there you have it, my favourite corner of my house. 
Do you have a favourite corner?



  1. That looks like a very comfy chair, and so special because it was your granny's. Les has a high backed chair with wooden arms that I bought him years ago. When I sit in it the grandchildren call me Goldilocks! Mx

  2. Perfection, everything you need.I love that is was your Granny's it makes it extra special.

  3. What a cute chair. It makes it even more special having a link to your granny bless her. I love my conservatory as its where we have our big family get togethers.

    X x