Friday, 18 April 2014

A vintage bike ride..

vintage bike 1
Spring has sprung, and despite the sea breeze which plagues us here on the coast, I decided it’s time to dust Tilly off and take her out for a ride.
Having had her tires pumped up the other week by Mr D, an experimental wicker hamper was placed on the back rack. As you can see it didn’t last long. It was decided that it was just too large, and although Mr D thought it would be good for transporting all his lovely yummie dinners in, I decided that being so large, once it was full I would struggle to peddle home to cook said dinners.
So the hunt for a suitable size basket or box for the back rack continues….
vintage bike 3
I found a nice sheltered spot to sit by the prom, and had a little read (which turned into an hour) watched some families playing on the beach, marvelled at the fact that I had a day off, it was sunny, and I didn’t have to bring two children complete with bikes teddy bears, shopping and a naughty dog with me.
bike ride
Marvelled at the fact it was just me and my book.
Life is good.

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