Thursday, 17 April 2014

Little Beach Street Bakery Book Review No 6.

the little beach street bakery
Polly Waterford is recovering from a toxic relationship. Unable to afford her flat, she has to move miles away from everyone to a little sea side resort in Cornwall, where she lives alone in an abandoned shop.
Polly takes out her frustrations on her favourite hobby: baking bread. What was previously a weekend diversion suddenly becomes far more important as she pours her emotions into kneading and pounding the dough, and each loaf becomes better and better. With nuts and honey, olives and chorizo, local honey (courtesy of the local bee keeper) Huckle and with reserves of determination Polly never knew she had, she bakes and bakes and bakes… and people start to hear about it.
Sometimes bread is life, and Polly is about to reclaim hers.
I’m having a secret love affair with Jenny Colgan at the moment. Her last 5 books have been written for me, I’m sure of it. Cupcake cafes, Old fashioned sweet shops, Chocolate and now a Bakery.
This one is just as good as the others, and I read it in a day.
I’ve never made bread, and I certainly have never tasted bread with honey in it. I have been to Cornwall (once) though, so maybe I could be Polly after all?
Jenny is on a run of cosy sweet books that make you feel all warm inside (and hungry) feel good books that don’t expect anything from you, that you can just enjoy without thinking, that you can imagine yourself inside, and in the blink of an eye, you find yourself on the last page.
I’m wondering what she will come up with next?


  1. Sounds like a nice easy read for when you're too tired too read anything taxing.

  2. I like a read like this, something easy - especially during stressful times or alongside a heavier read! This sounds like a book I'd enjoy. Have you read any Freya North? She's my favourite author of this kind of book.

  3. I've just read my first Jenny Colgan novel...the one on cupcakes. I thought it was a gentle, funny read, so I look forward to another. Thanks for your review. x

  4. I have only read 2 but I loved them ! Must catch up with the others! Sarah x

  5. How did you know I have been wanting some new reads?!!! 😊 Sounds like just what I'm looking for, sweet friend!! I'm off to look for them! Wish we could meet for tea and then find a cozy bookstore to peruse!