Thursday, 3 April 2014

So near to being a dress

Seems like so long ago. The course finished, and as I was still without a wearable dress I made a back alley deal with the lovely teacher for extra time in exchange for a box of pretty china. It's amazing what people will do for pretty china.

MY last session was this week, and I have almost so nearly made a dress.
Having never made anything more than some bunting and stuffed hearts with my sewing machine, I can tell you I am quite chuffed.
Especially when on leaving, my lovely teacher told me the pattern I had chosen was 'quite ambitious for a first dress to make' Now she tells me. 

There's still a little vintage button to put on the front, and some sewing at the top of the zip. Then I need to see if it actually fits. 
It's no where near perfect, anyone with any sewing knowledge will be able to pick out the flaws, but hey, it can only get better from here right?
I'll do a show and tell when it's done.



  1. We're all getting this sewing bug. Three of us at my Knit & Natter group have decided to make skirts. The last time I made a skirt was 1975!

  2. It looks great... I wish I could make clothes!

  3. It looks good to me. Well done!

  4. It looks lovely to me Claire. Now I look forward to seeing a pic of you in it.
    I'm cutting out my first skirt (with a zip!) tonight. Using an old curtain so if I stuff up it doesn't matter! (did I say IF I stuff up?! Hello!!!)

  5. Good grief, well done you.. I am still yet to venture into dress making. Its a challenge I will complete before I return to work.

    Your's looks stunning.

    X x

  6. I so want a fashion parade with you wearing it.

  7. It looks lovely!! That's it, once you've started dress making there will be no stopping you. Sarah xo