Wednesday, 16 April 2014

That day my front tooth fell out

It goes like this...
Many (at least ten) years ago Mr D & I were camping with a group of friends. It was hot and so I put my (rather large) bar of chocolate in our cold box.
It turns out that box was pretty cold, and the lesson was learnt never to bite into an extra cold bar of chocolate.
Yep. Broke my front teeth.
There started many trips to the dentist where the outcome after months of root fillings, pain, and toothless days was a crown for one of my front teeth and a false tooth. (the crown for that one refused to stay in & i was so fed up I just said get me a false one!) No. I don't take my false tooth out every night and leave it in a glass.(Don't tell me you weren't asking me that in your head) There left one of my own teeth at the front, which was root filled.
Many years later, all was going dandy until I woke up one morning (last week) and thought my (one real front) tooth felt a bit strange. Then it fell apart.
Mortified. You would be.
Add to that my dentist who I trust with my life and my face was gadding about on holiday.
I have been a week now with no front tooth. Preparations for the crown have been done by the nice (if somewhat brisk) polish lady, and somewhere in some laboratory the elves are making me a brand spanking new tooth.
I have a speech impediment. Caused by the gap. And I'm paranoid about biting anything and so i cut all my food into little pieces.
I'm quite proud of myself for even leaving the house, as many of my friends have told me they wouldn't.
But I keep telling myself there are worse things that could happen.
And every one knows I'm usually beautiful this is just a little blip right?
Mr D tells me quite calmly that it's just a chapter of my life that I'll look back on one day and laugh about.


  1. oh dear... it sounds like you're handling the situation very well. I wouldn't want to leave the house, but it's kind of essential, so you just have to get on with it. I can sympathise as I suffer tooth problems and have 2 crowns - the result of a bad orthodontist and a bad dentist when I was a teenager. I hope you get your new tooth very soon!

  2. Ugh. Seriously. You know I feel your pain Claire!

  3. Oh no. I won't eat sweets (but not chocolate - I couldn't give that up) for fear of it resulting in a trip to the dentist.

    It is difficult enough to find a dentist you trust and then for him to be away when you need him most aarrghhh. Still it sounds like it will soon be sorted.

  4. Oh Claire... Bummer or what?
    But like you say it will all be fully little a story to tell. I would sent you a big bar of chocolate but thats possible not the best idea considering thats what started it all may year ago. Instead I will send you a hug.

    X x

  5. It will be something you will always remember and it's a good tale to tell. Hope all goes well with your finishing touches xx