Saturday, 10 May 2014

4 miles of books….

Isn’t it great to stumble on a new favourite place whilst on holiday? Last week in Northumberland I did I admit stamp my feet a teeny bit as we drove past the brown tourist sign which read ‘Barter Books’. I mean, if it’s on a tourist sign, there has to be something worth going to right?
Oh how right I was.
And then I found this video on you tube and fell in love just that little bit more.
If you love books, tea, trains or the Keep Calm and Carry On posters, you’ll want to watch this.


  1. We loved Barter Books! We went to Northumberland for a week last August (it's all on the blog) and knew way in advance that this book shop was a must visit!

  2. I remember Louise visiting here and also saw this video posted on a blog from Switzerland. It was good to see it again and it looks just my sort of place! Sarah x

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Now on my list to go to. Xx

  4. Sound fab. I will make a note incase we are ever that way.

    X x

  5. sounds awesome. how cool you're on vacation. i need to go on one too!