Thursday, 29 May 2014

A case of use it or lose it…

pretty nostalgic
Reading through my (rather large) blog list the other day, I came across
There are sooo many magazines out there for all sorts of interests and hobbies, when I found Pretty Nostalgic I was more than excited. Yes its more expensive at 8.00 but what people seem to forget is that its a bi-monthly magazine,  is thicker, better quality (more of a book than a magazine) and it has to be said, has a lot more to read than some monthly magazines.
Reading the post made me sad, that someone’s dream may be shattered.
Have you ever bought it?


  1. I've never heard of it but I must admit the cover looks amazing! If its bimonthly then the cost it only the same as others so not bad at all.

    X x

  2. That looks amazing, well as far as I can judge from the cover lol but i've never read it before.

  3. Heard about this on another blog but haven't shelled out the eight quid yet.

  4. I love Pretty Nostalgic! I have subscribed from the very beginning and am saddened that it may stop ... Issue 13 has been printed and hopefully it has been rescued, I can thoroughly recommend it though, it's well worth £8 as some other magazines cost £5 and are half filled with pointless adverts ... The advertising in PN is subtle, beautiful and apt. Give it a chance, because t would be very sad f this Niue magazine came to an end xxx