Friday, 23 May 2014

Lindesfarne Priory Holy Island

Our visit to Northumberland wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to Holy Island, so everyone told us, so off we went over the causeway at low tide. There is of course, a castle to visit, (pics due of that in another post) but my favourite place was The Priory.
This was the home of St Cuthbert, so the literature tells me, and one of the most famous visitor attractions in North East England.
I admit to not knowing much about this part of England before our visit, which is a bit of a boob on my part as my family are from the North of England and Scotland. But I totally blame my history teachers for this as they seem to have seen fit to teach me about how cave men made fires and beds out of animal fur and next to nothing about the History of my own Country.
FYI This is the site of many grisly Viking attacks and played an important part in early Christianity.
Whist my fellow holiday makers quickly went around it I stayed and enjoyed the view, and took many photos.
I found them again of course, and managed to find the shop selling the famous Mead I was told to buy. mmmmm.
Of course I had to take a look around St Mary’s Church too.
If you’re ever up that way, I would definitely tell you to check out the tides and get over the causeway to this island, there are more photos to share but I’ll save them for another post.


  1. Lovely photo's and what stunning sg windows. How was the mead?

  2. Looks a beautiful place. I take it the mead was good?

    X x

  3. That looks so lovely Northumberland is somewhere i have longed to visit. Sarah x

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous place to visit. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Wow there is so much character in these pictures.

  6. This has long been on my to-visit list. Thanks for sharing your pictures.