Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sand (&) Castles

Dunstanburgh Castle.
I’ve been to The North of England many times, but have never ventured to the corner that is Northumberland. Last week instead of our regular trip to The Lake District, we decided to have a change of scenery.
If you’ve never been, Northumberland is the Castle capital of England, being the scene of many battles between England and Scotland. It is the most sparsely populated county in England which we noticed as soon as we drove north of Newcastle by the volume of traffic on the A1 disappearing.
Lindesfarne castle
The week was spent exploring long sandy beaches, castles and the odd tea room, the weather was mostly kind and the people very friendly (even if they did talk funny)
Bamburgh Castle
I have lots of photos of course which I will drip feed so as not to bore you all on one day.
For now its back to the j.o.b.
Looking forward to the next adventure!


  1. I've never been up that way before, it's steeped in history isn't it.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. The photos look amazing, I cant wait to see more.

  3. Not a place I've ever been to, I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

  4. Looks lovely, can't wait to see more pics. And that last photo of you is stunning.

    X x