Monday, 26 May 2014

The Chain Bridge Honey Farm

During our stay in Northumberland, we came across a leaflet about a Honey Farm. Apparently it was next to a Chain Bridge.
The promise of the Union Chain Bridge, which happens to be the oldest suspension bridge carrying traffic (albeit traffic weighing less than 2 ton and only one car at a time allowed to cross) with The Honey Farm right next door to it was just too much. We all agreed it looked like a great day out.
The Union Chain Bridge crosses over the River Tweed between Horncliffe, Northumberland, England and Fishwick, Borders, Scotland,
just before you reach it, on the English side, you will come across The Honey Farm.
We spent a good couple of hours here, the boys were thrilled to find a vast collection of old vehicles at various stages of renovation scattered around
I was of course thrilled to find one of the vehicles converted into a cafe
It’s always a good time for tea and cake..
tea and cake
Right next to a very cute Vintage store
Sadly there was no honey being produced that day (Wed) or we would have been able to view from the platform in the production shed, but the shop had rooms of information about the farm and the honey.
This place is worth a trip, a fantastic day out was had, I’ve been consuming the honey ever since.


  1. This sounds great, will have to put it on the 'next time' list!

  2. Looks a fantastic place. As does the bridge.

    X x

  3. That bridge is pretty amazing and I love the bus converted into a café.

  4. What a lovely idea to create a cafe in a double decker and I love that rusty old vehicle.

  5. What a great place to visit! I'm heading up that way this summer so will put this on my list to take a look at. What a shame they weren't producing honey that day - I will make a note not to visit on a Wednesday :-) Have a wonderful week xx

  6. That a great name for the honey farm, what a shame they weren't in production on the day you visited. It must have been fun going into the double decker cafe and having a vintage store next to it too! Sarah x