Monday, 30 June 2014

Revived by Cat Patrick Book review No. 13

It started with a bus crash.
Daisy Appleby was a little girl when it happened, and she barely remembers the accident or being brought back to life. At that moment, though, she became one of the first subjects in a covert government program that tests a drug called Revive.
Now fifteen, Daisy has died and been Revived five times. Each death means a new name, a new city, a new identity. The only constant in Daisy's life is constant change.
Then Daisy meets Matt and Audrey McKean, charismatic siblings who quickly become her first real friends. But if she's ever to have a normal life, Daisy must escape from an experiment that's much larger--and more sinister--than she ever imagined.
From its striking first chapter to its emotionally charged ending, Cat Patrick's Revived is a riveting story about what happens when life and death collide.
I bought this from the charity shop along with Forgotten. They must have been donated at the same time as they were there together in the stock room, I thought about buying them but I put them off until I came across them in the book room the next week. Then I just couldn’t help myself.
We don’t sell that much YA fiction in the charity shop which surprises me. Maybe Young people these days just need to buy their books new. I think I was probably one of those people years ago.
So, Revival. Coming back from the dead isn’t exactly an original idea for a YA novel, and I did wonder at first if this would be another heroine walking around at night and hiding from daylight kind of novel, but then I realised it was all about the government agency and I thought aha, that’s a turn up for the books.
I have to admit I expected a little bit more from this, what, I’m not quite sure, just something, but then I have to keep reminding myself that it is YA fiction, so actually it was an enjoyable read, which I managed in a couple of days, and a pretty original idea as plots go.
I kept imagining he scenes in this book as a film, I think it could be one, maybe with a couple of bits added.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Well lets face it, it doesn't even have to be cold outside..

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Body Shop Haul

the body shop haul
A random fact you may not know about me is that I am a fan of The Body Shop. Huge fan.
I get very excited when they have an online sale code which is a lot, in fact if you go there now there is a 40% off code on the home page to use, and as I also get 10% off my order for being a Love Your Body member I just couldn’t help myself but buy treats.
I know people work for The Body Shop at home selling their products at parties, but I’ve come to realise that it’s a more expensive way of buying them, waiting for a discount code pinging into your in box is way better.
With an order over 20.00 free delivery was mine too.
I didn’t even mind being woken up when the delivery man knocked at my door yesterday morning on my day off.
I can’t wait to try out all the goodies, some are things I use regularly, but I always like to try something different, this time it was the Honey Shimmering Lip Balm, the Africa Honey & Beeswax hands & foot butter and the Blueberry shower gel, body scrub & body butter.
honey shimmering lip balm
Is this not just the cutest little pot?
I also treated my hair to some new hairbrushes.
I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on with the products.
Do you love The Body Shop?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Southend (the great British Seaside)



You might wonder to yourself why I would go to visit the sea side when I do in fact live by the sea side. Well we actually went to Southend a couple of weekends ago to a gig, but we thought we would get there a bit early as I had never been before.

Southend pier is the longest leisure pier in the world. Wow. There is a little train that will save your legs but we didn’t have time to go on it as we were too busy worrying about feeding our faces to soak up some of the beverages which would be coming later, but I will definitely taking a trip back there for a wee train ride.

The picture above was taken on our way back up to the main shopping centre from the sea front in the lift, which was a modern one, compared to this one we walked past on the way down the cliff

cliff lift

If that doesn't scream great British sea side at you I’m not sure what would.

A great time was had of course and Mr D was very happy to have a pint in one of his musical hero’s local haunts

kev southend

Seriously cool pub if you’re ever that way go and visit The Railway Hotel which according to the website the main purpose is ‘to be an open house for the constantly evolving Southend music & arts scene’


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sparkly Stuff

vintage jewellery
I spent the whole day at the charity shop yesterday, which meant I had too much plenty of time to browse the treasure. I came home with a haul of sparkly jewels that I just couldn’t not buy. Some of these are for a friends birthday (yes I’m the friend that buys present's from the charity shop) but the rest are for me. I think they will be especially fitting when I play dress up in a couple of weeks at the war & Peace Revival. Cannot wait.
The hat pins btw I thought might make cute hair decorations, as long as I don’t stab myself in the head with them…
I saw this picture the other day, I think it was probably on Pinterest but who knows, anyway love these book marks..
bookmark baubles
Yesterday was a fun day, I did the window display for the book festival that’s going on here this weekend, and a little display of Wimbledon coloured clothing, then I went to the J.O.B for the evening. I was tired as I’d worked the night before too so had a welcome lie in this morning before having my eyelash’s tinted.
Tonight is an evening in with a glass of cider and last weeks episode of 24.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Forgotten. Cat Patrick. Bok Review No.12

forgotten cat patrick
Each night at precisely 4:33 am, while sixteen-year-old London Lane is asleep, her memory of that day is erased. In the morning, all she can "remember" are events from her future. London is used to relying on reminder notes and a trusted friend to get through the day, but things get complicated when a new boy at school enters the picture. Luke Henry is not someone you'd easily forget, yet try as she might, London can't find him in her memories of things to come.
When London starts experiencing disturbing flashbacks, or flash-forwards, as the case may be, she realizes it's time to learn about the past she keeps forgetting-before it destroys her future.
I found this book along with another by the same author in the charity shop, and thought they both looked interesting.
I will admit to being a bit befuddled for a while, I was thinking, how does London know who her family & best friend are if she doesn't remember her past? Then it clicked…she remembers them..from her future..
I was also thinking golly by the time she's a teenager her ‘notes’ she writes every night so she can read them in the morning as soon as she wakes up must be enough to fill a library. I mean a teenager has a lot of stuff going on..
On the other hand things can be ‘forgotten’ at the drop of a hat, so when London does something she won’t be thanked for at the time, all she does is not write it in the notes, and there she is, the picture of innocence.
I enjoyed this book, it was different, in a good way, and I’m now reading the other book I found by the same author, with a totally different but equally intriguing plot. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Friday, 20 June 2014

Beach House

We passed by this house on our walk from Seahouses to Bamburgh whilst on holiday. I wonder who is going to live there. It was getting a fair battering from the wind that day, the beach is the garden, (how would you stop tourists like me looking in your windows?) And what would happen if the tide came up to your front door step?
But what a great place to live. Or have a little Beach Cafe.
You would see horses going for a morning stroll alongside the tourists.
And one of your only neighbours is this castle
bamburgh castle
Oh the possibilities.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


volunteering tea time
Most Monday’s, or sometimes another day, depending on my J.O.B. you will find me in the local EACH shop, drinking tea and looking for treasure helping out.
EACH is a local children’s hospice, who are extremely lucky to have HRH The Duchess of Cambridge for their patron, as well as Ed Sheeran & Delia Smith included in their list of ambassadors.
You can get an idea of the work they do by having a look at
I started volunteering many years ago in a different charity shop, but soon left due to work (you know, the work that pays money)commitments, when I received a letter from EACH telling me they were opening a branch in my little town I thought I would like to get back at it.
So a year and a half later I’m still there. I love the time I spend here, I do a bit of everything, sorting donations, working the till, I even get to do the displays for the window and around the shop which I love.
book room
We are lucky in our shop as we have a whole room for books. You will find me sorting this room a lot, re gigging the table (I like the table to have a ‘theme’  each week) and rotating books so they are changed regularly, it’s like my own private library. For this book lover, it’s nothing short of heaven.
The work is varied and fun, I get to be creative if I feel like it, or just sit and chat to customers, the people are all lovely,(even Kermit helps out see?)  and the tea and biscuits are bottomless. Oh and then there’s the treasure. Being a volunteer of course you get to see the treasure as it comes in, what’s not to love about that. I have in the past few weeks completely revamped my wardrobe ready for summer. And with a discount too. Like I need any excuse to add to my many ‘collections’.
PS. you might like to watch this Flash mob video the EACH Tree House choir recorded in the local Sainsbury's trust me, its fab.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Thoughts…

Happy Daddie’s Day!!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Traveling Tea Shop. Book Review No.11

the travelling tea shop
A delectable tale of friendship, love and cake for fans of Jenny Colgan and Sophie Kinsella...
Laurie loves a challenge. Especially if it involves anything beautiful, baked and frosted. The brief is simple: With three other women, Laurie will board a London bus - kitted out as an English tea shop - on a deliciously different road trip of the USA.
Their mission: To bring home-grown classics like Battenberg, Victoria sponge and scones to the land of cupcakes, whoopie pies and gold-leafed chocolate sundaes.
And to show them how a real cup of tea is made. All of the women have their own secrets and heartaches to heal. As well as a grand appreciation of cupcakes, there's also the chance for romance...
But will making whoopee lead to love?
All aboard for: New York - Connecticut - Rhode Island - Massachusetts - Maine - New Hampshire – Vermont
Well of course I was going to buy it. You wouldn’t expect anything less of me would you?
Well as I don’t like to disappoint I promptly bought this as soon as I saw it.
Belinda Jones isn’t an author I read a lot, I’ve probably read one or two of her books in a past life, but they can’t have made much of an impression.
This was an entertaining read, and pretty good at making you want to visit said places (on a big red bus or not) I just found the storyline a bit flat. Not nearly enough talk about the actual travelling tea shop even though they did actually travel about in it, it didn’t seem like much of a tea shop to me, more like a mobile kitchen, of course there was some romance which included the obligatory -having such a good time and oh look we just got covered in baking ingredients- scene, but really a bit predictable.
Nice cover to add to the Tea related novel book pile though…

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Just call me Little Red

little red riding hood
There are times when weeks will go by without a sniff at any treasure from the local charity shops, then I find lots and lots of things I ‘need’ all at once, so after my haul last week, this is what I came home with on Monday after my shift.
I hummed and harred over the jacket. Well I’m ginger. But then I decided I quite liked it.
The Vintage lady bird book came after the jacket, and it was only later on that night I realised what I’d done.
Just call me Little Red
vintage ladybird book
So what fairy tale character are you?

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Weekend..

night out
This weekend saw Mr D and I head out to a wedding ‘do’. The boys were playing in the evening, and we were very kindly put up in a a hotel right across the road from the venue for the night. Oh the life of rock stars hey?. All we had to do was promise to not throw the TV out the window. How hard could it be?
Luckily, it was a very warm evening, it would have been a wee bit on the cosy side had the entertainment moved indoors.
With the free bar seemingly bottomless and measureless much enjoyment was had, then I snuck up to bed in the early hours to partake in the lovely surroundings.
the crown woodbridge
AKA lolling about drinking tea and eating complementary home made cookies before the Mr got in with the munchies.
Sunday, I drove home as Mr D had stayed up with the friendly night porter and after a quick cuppa we decided to go for a walk along the prom.
This photo was taken on the way back early evening, there wasn’t many places along the beach with no one on it. I haven’t seen it packed like that in forever, and I did a fair bit of cringing at the red skin. No sympathy from me if they are suffering today.
Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Charity shop haul

charity shop haul
I haven’t helped out in the charity shop for a couple of weeks, so while I was there yesterday I had a bit of a shopping spree…
These books jumped out at me. I had a hard time only taking these books home, as i decided yesterday the whole entire book room needed an overhaul as we had boxes and boxes of lovely new books donated I spent a few hours taking all the old ones off the shelves and replacing them. Which meant I came across many many books I ‘needed’. I thought I was very good only buying these.. the books are sold for 1.00 each.
drink stirrers
I was chuffed to bits when I found these drink stirrers, they cost 2.00 for the 4 and are glass. There’s a dolphin, a fishy, sea horse and an apple. I can’t wait for the summer Pimms drinking days to get here to use them. (it’s persisting down at the moment)
vintage gloves
I love these gloves. I bought two pairs, these white ones and some shorter brown ones. They have never been worn and feel lovely. The long ones were 2.00 and the short ones 1.50.  A great price for a bit of elegance huh?!
The white skirt didn't come out very well on the photo, but it’s a lovely summer skirt with some white embroidery on one side, it’s by Animal and cost 4.95.  Although I get a 20% discount for volunteering so that makes it all even more of a bargain!!

Sunday, 1 June 2014