Thursday, 26 June 2014

Southend (the great British Seaside)



You might wonder to yourself why I would go to visit the sea side when I do in fact live by the sea side. Well we actually went to Southend a couple of weekends ago to a gig, but we thought we would get there a bit early as I had never been before.

Southend pier is the longest leisure pier in the world. Wow. There is a little train that will save your legs but we didn’t have time to go on it as we were too busy worrying about feeding our faces to soak up some of the beverages which would be coming later, but I will definitely taking a trip back there for a wee train ride.

The picture above was taken on our way back up to the main shopping centre from the sea front in the lift, which was a modern one, compared to this one we walked past on the way down the cliff

cliff lift

If that doesn't scream great British sea side at you I’m not sure what would.

A great time was had of course and Mr D was very happy to have a pint in one of his musical hero’s local haunts

kev southend

Seriously cool pub if you’re ever that way go and visit The Railway Hotel which according to the website the main purpose is ‘to be an open house for the constantly evolving Southend music & arts scene’



  1. I read they built it so long so that boats going to near-by towns would have to stop there. Good tactic!

  2. Looks amazing. You can't beat the british seaside, especially when its warm and sunny.

    X x

  3. southend seems lovely! i'd love to live nearer to the sea so it'd be easier to make wee trips:-) x

  4. Never been to Southend but have heard about their famous pier. That funicular cliff railway is fabulous.