Wednesday, 18 June 2014


volunteering tea time
Most Monday’s, or sometimes another day, depending on my J.O.B. you will find me in the local EACH shop, drinking tea and looking for treasure helping out.
EACH is a local children’s hospice, who are extremely lucky to have HRH The Duchess of Cambridge for their patron, as well as Ed Sheeran & Delia Smith included in their list of ambassadors.
You can get an idea of the work they do by having a look at
I started volunteering many years ago in a different charity shop, but soon left due to work (you know, the work that pays money)commitments, when I received a letter from EACH telling me they were opening a branch in my little town I thought I would like to get back at it.
So a year and a half later I’m still there. I love the time I spend here, I do a bit of everything, sorting donations, working the till, I even get to do the displays for the window and around the shop which I love.
book room
We are lucky in our shop as we have a whole room for books. You will find me sorting this room a lot, re gigging the table (I like the table to have a ‘theme’  each week) and rotating books so they are changed regularly, it’s like my own private library. For this book lover, it’s nothing short of heaven.
The work is varied and fun, I get to be creative if I feel like it, or just sit and chat to customers, the people are all lovely,(even Kermit helps out see?)  and the tea and biscuits are bottomless. Oh and then there’s the treasure. Being a volunteer of course you get to see the treasure as it comes in, what’s not to love about that. I have in the past few weeks completely revamped my wardrobe ready for summer. And with a discount too. Like I need any excuse to add to my many ‘collections’.
PS. you might like to watch this Flash mob video the EACH Tree House choir recorded in the local Sainsbury's trust me, its fab.


  1. I started volunteering in a charity shop when I was 16 and really liked it. They liked me too, so much that they starting paying me for one day a week! The lovely manager retired after a couple of years though and the replacement was such an awful woman that many of the volunteers left and I quit. I used to love getting first pick of the donations and like you, had a varied role working upstairs and downstairs, sometimes doing displays. If I could afford not to work I'd love to do it again, but I can't commit to anything at the moment.

  2. Where would we be without the volunteers in charity shops??? Without bargains for sure and the elderly love going in them for a chat with the staff. Great performance by the choir.

  3. That looks a fantastic shop I can see why you always have such a pile of books to get through! Both my children worked as volunteers in charity shops when they initially left school and they both enjoyed the experience. Sarah x

  4. I love my work in our Sue Ryder shop - its been enormously helpful to me when things have been tough in my life. My workmates are wonderful and such a wide age range - eldest is 89 and the youngest currently 21 :)

  5. What a rewarding job to do. And with out the lovely volunteers, such as yourself no of us would get such wonderful goodies whilst helping out great causes.

    I really hope that I can have time to help out in the future.

    X x

  6. If I could afford not to work I would volunteer at a op shop as quick as a flash.