Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Holiday days are around the corner..

war and peace revival 2013
Things are happening around Day Towers, the home on wheels is having a little bit of attention, new oil, book parcels are popping through the post, ready for those long days sitting in a field, with nothing to do but read, chat to friends about nothing and drink pink stuff out of a glass bigger than ones head.
There’s only the occasional rude interruption when the neighbours take off…
But generally the evenings are long and quiet.
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except when we go dancing of course..


  1. Have fun, cant wait to see the photos. I received your letter today, thanks so much. I love your pretty writing paper.

  2. Fingers crossed for a long, warm Summer.

  3. Hoe stunning do you look here mrs! Loving that vintage hair style. Hope the holiday prep is all on track. We go next week and I'v done hardly anything yet! Panic stations.

    X x