Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Living it

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You may have noticed the Mr and I exhibit a vehicle at many shows throughout the year. This being our Home on Wheels which I have spoke about in many a post. We treat it as a chance to show of the classic truck (which is from the Vietnam era) occasionally we dress up in appropriate get up, have fun and decorate the camp with camo to make it look more authentic.
There are however, people at these shows that live it. They set up their camps for the week and ‘act out’ certain scenario's of war time. The above and below set up is ‘Black Hawk Down’ and this group won the prize for best living history display. They acted out a scenario back to back to educate thousands of school children and public that came to visit.
war and peace 17
Even having a rest in the sun they look the part
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They put in so much effort at making their camps look real, some even dig trenches and sit in them. Now that’s dedication for you.
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And then there’s the home front area, here you can see how to make meals with your rations, take a peek into someone’s home or this pub I looked in to find Laurel & Hardy singing a little tune!! (no pics of those two though as  it was so full of people!
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I was tempted to go and nick a slice of bread…
But then I thought I might end up in jail..

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  1. Wow there is so much more to these exhibitions than I realised, no wonder you love going.