Monday, 28 July 2014


war and peace 7
The thing about sitting in a field with thousands of Military vehicles is that most of said vehicles are heavy and/or tracked. Hence the mud. There seem to be 2 weather conditions at this show, which we have been going to for about 15 yrs. The sun brings dust. Rain brings mud. Not very often is the right amount of both.
Not that I’m complaining, all adding to the atmosphere.
Also, I get to be one of those people that wear cute wellie’s with my dresses. (My computer doesn't like that word. It wants me to make it into willies but that would just be wrong).
war and peace4
Oh. And can we just mention my brolly? I am in love with it. Bring on the rain.


  1. Oh I love your brolly too Claire! Is it an old one?
    (mud is meant to be glorious, isn't it?)

  2. You and your brolly look very glamorous in all that mud!!!!