Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Parasol (or 3) in England

war and peace 8
Who would have thought we would need parasols. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and I’m telling you, it is my best friend and life saver. This freckle faced ginger would be spending no time outdoors if not for this purchase. As you can see in the pic above I always always wear a cardigan in the sun. It saves me from being greased up like a big chip, even Mr D has commented on my fetish for buying cardigans of every colour and style. It’s not just about the granny chic for me.
war and peace 6
This (not very good quality) phone pic tells another tale of how I cover up in the sun. That stars and strips scarf on my legs is keeping them white. No lobster legs for me. I carry a light scarf with me most of the time, it’s quite the versatile fashion accessory.
war and peace3


  1. The old scarf comes in handy for so many things doesn't it. I love the photo of you and your girlfriends, very natural.

  2. I like that photo of you and your friends too x