Thursday, 14 August 2014

Across the river for a birthday adventure

At one end (North) of Felixstowe you will find Felixstowe Ferry, a teeny fishing village. There’s one road in, which cuts through a golf course, or if you like you can walk/cycle along the sea wall.
My Birthday adventure was to cycle. It’s a good job we stopped for ice cream on the way as a nice lady told us we wouldn’t get right along the sea wall, it was closed off for repair. It was the road way for us then.
We locked the bikes up and took the ferry across the River Deben to Bawdsey. Tea and cake were awaiting. Having lived here since I was 11 I can’t believe this was the first time I’d done it!
birthday 15
Over at Bawdsey is Bawdsey Manor manor, where the all important Radar was invented in secret in WW2, this is only open on certain days in the year and disappointingly they never opened the doors on my Birthday. Hmph.
birthday 12
After tea and cake, a walk around the beach, and a mess about in some boats (had to be done) we waited for the ferry to come back for us. Like our own little water taxi.
Back at our side od the river we visited a friend who lives on a house boat before heading back on the bikes towards home.
birthday 14
The above picture is taken from Bawdsey looking at Felixstowe Ferry. You can see the teeny jetty with a lot of people crabbing on it. The white shed like building on the left is where you can buy fish, the brown newer looking wooden building on the right is a little cafe.
Well worth a trip if you are ever in the area!


  1. Oh my gosh how pretty! I need to come visit you. And yay for a good birthday!

  2. Happy belated Birthday! What a great way to celebrate and the weather looks perfect.

  3. That looks a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! Sorry my birthday wishes are so belated! Sarah x