Tuesday, 12 August 2014

There goes another...

birthday 1
…year that is. I woke up yesterday morning as a 42 year old. I felt it, but that was due to the incredibly fun packed (birthday) weekend we had. Saturday we went to a nearby village that was holding it’s annual giant garage sail. Think posh treasure hunt . Of course we had to visit the village church, which was more than a village church, it was really impressive, so we decided to stop in the church yard and have our picnic which Mr D had made up the night before.
After visiting a friend for tea, we went on to another small town and called in at an old friend of Mr’s. Planning on saying ‘hello’ and maybe having a cuppa, we didn’t leave until Sunday morning. Much laughter, dancing (at a wedding reception of people we didn’t even know) and then dance lessons in a back garden until silly o clock meant the time just flew by until we realised we had to go home and wash. And change.
Sunday was spent having brunch back at home, a trip to Bury for shopping and calling in at more friends for a roast dinner.
So back to yesterday, I was very tired. But that didn’t stop Mr D suggesting a bike ride to the local ferry to hop across the water to Bawdsey for tea and cake,
birthday tea
I will show you the photos of that trip next time, but for now I will just show you how the good old British weather can catch you out. See the photo at the top of this post? Lovely blue sky, the only reason I’m wearing a cardigan is so I don’t get sunburnt, and then this happened.
birthday 9
Luckily we had rain coats, but not so lucky was the fact mine had no hood. I had to dry myself with the hand dryer in the pub loo, which made me look like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.


  1. Sounds like a lovely birthday celebration. There's nothing wrong with Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan cause I actually really like that last shot of you!

  2. Happy birthday hun. Sounds like you had a busy birthday weekend but a good one never the less. I agree with green tea, nothing wrong with a bit of madonna.

    And you look fabulous.

    X x

  3. Sounds like a lovely birthday weekend :) many happy returns!