Monday, 29 September 2014

Christmas. The not so secret present stash.

My mum had a secret stash of presents in her wardrobe. There I’ve confessed. I knew where it was. Every year my big sister and I would wait for the moment we were home alone and run upstairs to find it. And we did.
Now I have my own wardrobe, which I fill with presents throughout the year, finding great bargains in sales (yes even in January) I stash them away until December.
I am one of those people you hate. Smugly tilting my head when people get stressed at Christmas because they don’t know what to buy Great Uncle Fredrick, and there's only 2 days until Christmas Eve and you haven't bought a Christmas table runner with matching serviettes. You should have bought that old cigar box/stuffed tortoise that you knew he would love when you saw it. Now you regret it don’t you? Well I did. Buy it I mean. Well not exactly a stuffed tortoise but you get the drift.
This year I have a great stash of gifts, if I do say so myself. If you think this sounds like I'm showing off, you'd be correct. It's not something I'm ashamed off, although some people would like me to 'shut tf up' when I tell them.
And I am counting down the days until I get to hand them out. Because really everyone who loves buying present's knows that's the best bit.


  1. Hi Clare,
    With you completely, but my stash goes on top of the wardrobe!, but I love being organise and can't help myself when it comes to Christmas, I would Christmas Shopping on Christmas Eve. Great Blogx

  2. I buy early too. I had a sister who always snooped at Christmas and she'd threaten to tell me what I was getting if I didn't do what she wanted. I didn't want to know, I love surprises.

  3. I wish I was that organised! I remember trying to stand on a chair to reach my parent's hiding place at the top of the wardrobe. That's where I used to hide presents too for the children, and they too knew where to find them! Sarah x