Friday, 19 September 2014

Dunstan Hall (the night I went dressed as a hippie)

dunstan hall 2
Say what you like about the company I work for (& some do) but they throw us a pretty cool party each year and the last few have been at Dunstan Hall.
I’ve been here a couple of times before, on girly nights/weekends where its all we can do to order a few drinks at the bar after diner before heading off to bed to read/gossip & decide which spa treatments to have.
This years theme was 70’s. Difficult era, so many possibilities, but I just went as the hippiest chic on the coach.
70s do5
Do you do fancy dress? I like to, but I don’t like to spend money on it, most of this outfit came out of a friends wardrobe, I was disappointed not to be able to get even one leg in some original bell bottoms she had, but these jeans worked fine. The shirt is my own, bought from the  EACH store I help out in. The crochet daisy garland around my neck was decorating my desk.
This party at Dunstan Hall was a bit different in that we were outside in a marquee and had some of the gardens, the marquee itself looked so pretty!
70s do3
Before the party started
I’m always impressed with the set up, it’s different each time.
70s do
Smaller tents outside housed the nice waiters pouring drinks.  The staff are always so pleasant and helpful, I’m not sure how they keep smiling when, well, Free Bar.
70s d04
Even managed to fit in a bit of surfing. (Lasted about 3 seconds on this!)
Looking forward to next year!!


  1. Oh that looks like so much fun, and you're adorable!

  2. Dunstan Hall is only 5 miles from me! I like fancy dress, but I like to fashion my own costumes rather than buy a ready-made one.

  3. That looks so much fun you do look like a very hippy 70's chic! My sister still has all her 70's clothes in her wardrobe not that she ever wears them! Sarah x