Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Girl Crush: Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad
LC as she was affectionately known as on Laguna Beach. All those years ago, on the ‘real life’ television series documenting the lives and loves of her and her friends. On moving to Los Angeles, she was then asked to star in The Hills where she was reportedly the highest paid cast member and we saw her interning for Teen Vogue and a fashion designer whilst swanning about with her friends looking the ultimate glamorous teen.
I haven't read any of her novels, as I’m not sure they are my kind of thing (have you read them?) Neither have I had a glance at her books on Beauty or Style.
I have however just become one of her gazillion followers on Instagram.  This is what Instagram lovers everywhere long for. The ultimate in eye candy.
Having just got hitched, of course there’s a ton of wedding prettiness over on her blog, where you can also join her book club, get tips on health, style and fitness, shop her clothing line (did I mention fashion designer!?) and generally spit green envy over the computer..ohwellsorrytheymustjustbemethen..
The girl has come a long way since Laguna Beach!

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