Thursday, 25 September 2014

How many books do (can?) you read at once?

The other day I bumped into a friend, and we spoke about books we’ve read recently, when she just threw into the conversation ‘oh yes I’m reading about 4 books at the moment’. Like this was something of an achievement.
I find this odd. I know many people do this, it’s not uncommon, but I’ve never understood it. I know of people who say they have a book on their bed side table, one in their bag, maybe even one in the bathroom but I do wonder what the reasoning for this is. I guess it means you are never without a book to read, you won’t forget to take your book if it’s always there, waiting for you. Convenience. Having said that I have never found myself without a book to read, and I can’t actually think of a time I forgot to take a book with me.
I’m not even sure if I could do this. I’m pretty sure I’ve never tried.
Why would you want to flip from one novel to another? Does it feel like you read more if you have several on the go at once? Surely it just takes twice (or four) times as long to finish them?
Usually I’m so into the book that I just want to dive into the same one again to see what’s happening, not check out a different one.
So, how many do/can you read at once?


  1. Definitely one book at a time for me, although I will sometimes add a non-fiction one, but only ever one fiction at a time. I'd get confused!!

  2. Yep 1 book at time for me too, after running around all day, I don't get to read as much as I used too.

  3. Three at a time for me. One on the Kindle that I read when I'm not eating, hate to mess up the screen, so a paperback when I'm eating and then a third for other times and places.

  4. I can really only do one novel at a time, I like to immerse myself in the life I'm reading about and wouldn't be able to switch between two different worlds...makes me shudder at the thought. I do however have a number of other books on the go at any one time,I've usually got various self-improvement books on the go, lots of knitting and crochet books and I'm currently reading two different books on hmmmmm a bit half and half aren't I...btw I loved (LOVED) your comment on my blog today, it made me laugh OUT LOUD!! xxx

  5. I have very occasionally read two books at once ( when I have left one elsewhere!) and haven't enjoyed it. It's not just the same! Sarah x

  6. I've usually got 2 on the go, 1 from my reading group and 1 that I actually want to read! But if I find myself waiting somewhere without any of the books I'm reading I'll happily start another - these days though I'll more often than not start reading blogs on my phone!

  7. I have anything from 2-5 books on the go at once, but I very rarely read the same kind of books at the same time. I like variety and I get fed up of reading one book for long periods (unless it's one of those unputdownables!) so I like to have say, a classic, a more modern novel, something with snippety, short chapters, something nature based and something scientific / factual on the go at one - or a mix of a few different kinds of books, then when I'm reading, I'll read one of them until I start to get fed up and then swap it for another from the pile. I can read longer that way and I enjoy it more. It works for me. That said, as busy times, like I've had over the last few months, keeping up with one book is a struggle so this month I've only been reading one as there hasn't been time to chop and change.