Friday, 26 September 2014

On my desk : Notebooks

It’s been my dream since I was a little girl to have my very own desk. For many years I ‘shared’ Mr D’s but this was never very successful as who wants to be trying to write when there’s all manner of ‘man things’ cluttering up the place. You know what I mean, boxes of ear plugs (which are bought in bulk due to Mr D’s extra curricular activities in sound engineering) many many  scraps of paper with ‘very important’ notes on them for work, notepads and diaries that are for want of a better description down right ugly!
Now I’m lucky to have my very own. At last. Somewhere to store all my pretty stationary. I’m not alone in my love of stationary, I have come to realise that (most) bloggers have a common obsession for pretty books, planners and my new found love….sharpies.
This shelf is full of blank note pads waiting their turn to be used. I do use them now although I confess for years I couldn’t bring myself to ‘ruin’ them by using them. Buying them was a necessity, passing a branch of PaperChase without going in would make my heart stop. But actually using them was another matter altogether. Now, I have made myself use them. I take little ones to work to have in my uniform pocket, I carry one in the back of my Filofax, and  there’s one in my hand bag.
Notepads have come so far since my school days, now they are so pretty, big girls patterns like these cute ones above with matching tin which were a Birthday present (I have the best friends)  fyi the tin is full of  coloured pens. Gel pens if you please. Hello 14 yr old me.
This one came all the way from USA from my wonderful friend Ann Margaret
Getting pretty stationary through the post is just about the best thing ever.
Although, a trolley dash around Paper chase would be pretty damn cool too!!
Addicted to Notebooks?


  1. Notebooks, and coloured pens - especially fountain pens and roller balls with different coloured inks. I love it when anyone asks if they can borrow a pen - and I can offer pink, mauve, green, turquoise ........ Sadly I'm yet to meet anyone (other than my sisters) who shares my excitement! x

  2. That is lovely. I adore pretty notebooks, they can make such a difference to a space.

  3. My husband and I have separate desks, but some how some of his things migrate to my desk.

  4. Oh wow, you definitely have the cutest notebooks! :) I love them as well and always carry one with me!