Thursday, 18 September 2014

Unicorn Necklace Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery

Big sisters are the best, when sometimes, you go and visit them and they tell you they started Christmas shopping (there I said the C word. Slap me) and because of their complete lack of will power you can get them to give you your present early!
Mine was in the shape of this lovely unicorn necklace from eclecticeccentricity
Bad phone photo not really doing it justice, and also showing  the non fashion blogger in me, but hey who wants to wear a cool new outfit every day anyhow…
So, the shop. These jewellery pieces are so cool. I saw these at a local vintage fair last year but for some reason only just liked their face book page. If you go and ‘like’ the page, sis informs me you get all kinds of  discount codes to use.
Waiting to see if this one will ever be discounted.
Maybe Santa is reading my blog?