Friday, 10 October 2014

Rich Pickings

Last night Mr D came home with a bucket of rich pickings from near his work place.
We missed out on the Sloe Gin last year, and yep, we really missed it.
Mr D’s Sloe Gin is pretty darn drinkable, so there will be much tasting going on when it’s perfectly ready, which won’t be soon enough.
I did pick Blackberry’s this year to put in smoothies, but they were very pippy, which got stuck in my teeth, under my plate, (yes one of the many things you don’t know about me, I have a false tooth) and was generally annoying. Since then, I have read that wild blackberry’s do contain more pips than the ones you buy in the shops. Hmm. If I had thought about it I could have saved them for blackberry vodka. I haven't drunk vodka since I was in my twenties. Maybe next year.


  1. hmm sloe gin, hubbie loves it. me more of wine girl.x

  2. Wow thats quite a bucket full. Bet the gin will be divine!

    X x