Monday, 20 October 2014

The Tower of London Poppies

This past weekend Mr D & I went to London, the boys had a gig on Fri night in Greenwich  (more of that another time) and we were more than pleased to find out the venue did B&B as Mr had bought us tickets to see The Commitments on the Saturday. (Brilliant show. Fab. Fabity Fab.)
Saturday morning we walked under the water to the other side where we saw the installation at The Tower. You must surely know all about it, but if not, or to read more you can look at the website here.
It was extremely busy, being a Saturday, and with the poppies only being there until Nov 11th, the window of time to go and see them is closing, but it was well worth it.
888,246 ceramic poppies. Each representing a military fatality during the First World War.
These started to go up in August and will be taken down after Nov 11th. You can order one to be sent to you here. The cost is 25.00 plus p&p and all the money goes to various charities.
If you are any where near London before Nov 11th you should go and see this. Or actually you should go and see it anyway. Make a special trip. It probably won’t happen again!


  1. I thought it was amazing when I first saw this on blogs back in August it looks incredible now just a sea of red poppies! Sarah x

  2. They look fantastic and a great reminder of all thoses that lost lives. I'm in London soon so will try to go and see it.

    X x

  3. Saw them when we were in London in August, very moving.

  4. I really want to go and see this, I ordered one of the poppies when it first started and can't believe its going to be one of the actual poppies in the installation! Amazing. Heartbreakingly so.