Wednesday, 22 October 2014

This Week

well balanced
I’ve been doing my best at leading a well balanced life. As set out in the picture above.
I’m realising that my ‘blocked’ list on my personal Face Book account is soon to be longer than my friends list. So I don’t want to be friends with more people than I want to be friends with. But more than that. I don’t want them entering my on line space.
I’ve had a fairly easy month so far work wise. Which confuses people. They can’t understand why I don’t feel the need to work 24/7. A. There’s more to life (soo0 much more!) and B. I’ve never kept up with the Joneses.
I’m feeling guilty about my lack of correspondence. I’m going to do something about that very soon. I did write one letter today. It’s a start.
I’ve ordered a Bum Bag from Cath Kidston you can click here to see the one. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type. But look, it’s cute!
I’m really looking forward to the weekend, for a trip to Yorkshire to visit Granny with sister & niece. I need to get my fix of  Bettys. And Granny of course.


  1. Love that comment about your friends list, your not on your own on that one. Cute bum bag!

    Have a great time with granny, sister and niece.

    X x

  2. Have a fab time at Granny's and have a cup of tea for me at Betty's.