Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas Mail

christmas mail
It’s started, and I’m feeling just a wee bit smug about it. I’ve started the pile of Christmas mail.
How much mail do you send at Christmas? I admit that a few years ago I cut down (by about 3/4) on the number of Christmas cards I send out locally. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas cards. I don’t really see the point of putting a pile of cards on the staff room table for co workers to pick up on their next shift. So you pick up a card with Santa or some baubles on the front, and inside it says ‘merry Xmas, from Gertrude’ (tried to think of a name that doesn't belong to a co worker there, you know in case someone takes this personally..) Please, have a bit of imagination. Then there’s the ones that don’t even have your name in them. Could be to any Tom Dick or Gertrude.
So I probably don’t receive as many cards as I used to, and that’s probably due to me not sending as many. So do you only send cards to people that send them to you? Do you have a list of people and if they don’t have a tick next to them in January they get a big fat line across them for next year? Is that in the spirit of Christmas?
christmas mail2
I sound grumpy, I would like to state that I Love Christmas. I love receiving Christmas mail. I just don’t like wasting money on Christmas cards that don’t mean anything. If I send someone a card it’s usually with a letter attached. Or at the very least a few sentences inside the card. I love sending Christmas mail, but I like it to be meaningful and not like I’ve just done it to cross you off the list.
Someone asked me about the round robin letters the other day. Lets not get into that today. I have done a blog post about that in the past, can’t believe This was four years ago!
So what are your thoughts on Christmas mail and cards? Love or hate?


  1. I don't send them to co workers or people that I will be seeing over Christmas and yes, I know what you mean when you say they can be meaningless. But can you imagine your sitting room without any cards up at xmas? I'm feeling smug too, have made 53 so far...7 to go. I loathe round robin letters!

  2. I do like sending card, now more than ever in the web world we live I still likes traditional methods but only sent to family and friendsx

  3. Like you, I don't send any where near as many as I used to. I believe you should send them to those that matter to you not just any old tom, dick or harry...

    X x

  4. I think Christmas cards are a waste of paper and money! I don't wish to receive them and I don't send many... I have to send one to my Gran (she'd be mightily offended if I didn't!) and I do send them to far away relatives, but anyone I see often, or people at work or whatever, I don't bother. I don't mind if that makes me a christmas misery, haha!