Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ickworth Hall outside, & the day we joined the National Trust

This beautiful place is just up the road from us, & we have never been. So we decided to do something about that, and at the same time embrace our middle age and join The National Trust. Also, it’s blinking expensive to visit these places, I’m not sure why you would pay full price, when paying a years membership to The National Trust gets you in free. For a year. Working out the cost of one visit for the two of us inc car parking (plus one visit wasn’t enough, we still have to go back and explore the surrounding gardens more) it was cheaper. Fancy that.
I took many photos, so for now I’ll just show you outside. Here I am exploring the lovely gardens right next to the hall.
Memories of me and my sister when we were little running around stately homes with my parents (not that they were running) pretending this was our house, which bedroom was mine and when we would be going down to dinner)
I might have been thinking along those lines this day. Without the running.
And Mr D. Nuff said.
We didn’t see any, which doesn't mean they weren't around.
The stumpery was quite magical feeling
As you can see, it was a lovely day, Mr D had his legs out. The brolly was partly due to the unpredictable English weather, and partly due to Mr’s poorly foot (a walking stick in disguise)
You can read more on Ickworth here.
Well worth a visit, the only down side was the poor girl on her own serving in a little coffee hut at the entrance. The queue was huge,  it was a Sunday afternoon and I just felt like jumping over the counter to help her out.
The inside was pretty amazing, I’ll share those in another post.


  1. Wow what a gorgeous, amazing place!

  2. Looks lovely. I get so much use out of my National Trust membership. I first bought it when mu son was a baby - a good "free" place for a picnic, and have used it ever since. Mind you, at 17 he now has an aversion to anything National Trust, but I'm sure he'll grow to love it again! x

  3. I love national trust houses and Ickworth is stunning. We made our membership money back in three visits, so its definitely worth the membership.

    Can't wait to see your other photos.

    X x

  4. What a magical place to visit, I will add it to my list for when I eventually get over there.

  5. I'm with you on this one kid, we wear our National Trust car park sticker with pride!!!

  6. Oh wow this location is stunning, love the pictures.

  7. the garden looks great, and love your outfit and your hat with the photos! can't wait to see the inside!