Thursday, 20 November 2014

My colour coded life..

The dilemma of the moment is that I have ran out of colours of highlighters for my life. My highlighters came in mini size so that I could fit them in my Filofax and take them with me wherever I go, and now I need to find new colours. In case you thought I sit around and drink tea and scoff cake all day (I’m sure I don’t know what would give you that impression!) I think I’ll tell you now that I actually work 3 different jobs, but the beauty of them is that one of them is on a relief basis and the other two are as self employed, which on the one hand is a risk as it’s not regular income, but on the other (bigger) hand it works great for me as I can drink tea and eat cake whenever I choose.
My Filofax is my best friend, if I ever realise I left it behind, I get all shaky.  You can read about my new one in this post here. I never did get the hang of the calendar on my phone.
So to keep track I colour coded my life. Works quite well, as at a glance I can see where I’m supposed to be. It makes me happy. Also, well it looks pretty and gives me an other excuse to buy stationary.
So tell me is your life colour coded? Do you use an organiser?


  1. I carry my diary with me, as working shifts I never know whether I'm coming or going without it.

  2. Get a green for go and a brown for cake/

  3. I cant live with out my diary and I am totally lost with out it!!!!

  4. I also couldn't live without a diary, although you put me to shame with all your colour coding. I also take my hat off to you, three jobs! You go girl!

    Lindsey. x

  5. I always start out with the best of intentions regarding being organized and color coding. And then I just end up with a big old scribbled mess. Sigh.