Friday, 14 November 2014

This Week..

It’s been a week for wellies and water wings, the wood burner has been doing it’s job (although getting the dining room up to 30 degrees was a little excessive and I didn’t feel good on it)
The first Book Club meeting happened (at last) and I have bought the next book.  But I’m not reading it yet as our next meeting isn’t till after Christmas. It’s sitting there calling to me though, I’ve even turned it face down.
I’ve been doing the ‘couponing’ thing. I find getting an on line delivery now and then pays as I can use up lots of my coupons better than in store, and yey for 1.00 delivery slots. I  ‘saved’ 20.00 this week.
Bizarrely, I’ve been thinking about the spacing of sentences on this blog. So I know (well, think) to be proper there should be a double space after a full stop. I don’t ever do that but I wonder if anyone notices??
I’m really getting ready for Christmas, I’m pretty up to date with presents, although the down side of buying present’s so early is when you then find something better for that same person and you know they would love it more. Thank goodness for E bay and selling for more than you bought. Happy me.
Talking (typing) of the C word, I’ve started getting my Christmas mail ready. This makes me very happy.
I’ve started another little ‘project’ that I can’t talk about on the blog and only my very nearest and dearest know about, but it’s earning me extra pennies and I know how much that makes it sound illegal, which it isn’t. Neither am I an MFI agent. But then I probably wouldn’t admit to those anyway, If you really want to know (and I feel like you are able to keep a secret) you can e mail me.
I’m a wee bit miffed my Graze Box didn’t come this week yet, it normally comes on a Thursday, sometimes Friday. It’s Friday today and if it doesn't come through the letter box tomorrow I might just throw my toys out the pram.
Hope your week has been happy (and dry!)


  1. MFI agent, ha ha. Selling poorly designed flatpack bedroom furniture in your spare time? :) Love muddy wellies. Sure sign of fun times x