Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas thoughts..

Christmas has arrived in my house, the little plastic (green of course) tree I bought second hand a few years ago is still going strong, adorned with many Christmas fairy’s, and baubles, none of them really colour co ordinated or matching anything else, but I do love my eclectic mix of tree decorations. I love sitting next to my little tree, feeding the wood burner and listening to the radio (is it me or is there a larger than usual amount of Carols on the radio this year?)
I’ve pretty much finished my gift buying, but then I do gather things up throughout the year, I don’t really get it when people stress about gift buying. It’s the same date every year, you have plenty of time to get the stuff, you just choose not to for whatever reason.
I will be working on and off over Christmas, I’ll be at a sleep in Christmas Eve (it’s ok I’ve told Santa where I will be) then I’ll be visiting an elderly couple on my way home Christmas morning, but once I’m home I’m sure Mr will have my coffee and croissants waiting…… (?) Then I have a 7oclock start for a short shift Boxing day morning.
From Saturday right through to Christmas Eve I will be catching up with various groups and friends, meeting at local coffee shops, friends houses or pubs, and I love that part of the run up to the big day, in some cases I don’t see them very often, and it’s great to get together.
I haven't actually wrapped any present’s yet, in fact I don’t think I have any paper, (I remember one year when we were small my sister and I received present’s wrapped in newspaper, I could actually go for this look this year and start a new trend…the ‘vintage’ look is very ‘in’ after all!) I might do some baking, then again I might not, but I’m not going to stress about it, I don’t think I have anything to prove and the shops are open, we certainly won’t be starving.
Do you love Christmas?


  1. I love your style girlfriend, laid back, happy, it's all good! Everyone gets so stressed out and anal about Christmas instead of just loving it...I find the visiting and family stuff hard but I find the being on my own, reading books, stuffing chocolate down my neck and drinking port all day long bit easy :) Happy Christmas love xxx

  2. I do like gifts wrapped in newspaper a lot! I always add some colorful decorations etc which make the gifts look really nice!
    I hope you will have great holidays!