Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Old Books

There’s something about finding an old battered book. I always think about where it’s been in it’s life, whose shelf it’s sat on, whose been flicking through the torn worn pages. Was it a present or did someone save up for it. The subject isn’t always important, if it just has that certain appeal.  Sometimes, if lucky, there’s a message inside the cover, or like this week, an old local postcard. I’m so pleased the charity shop I volunteer in has seen the light and is displaying these books to sell, and not putting them in recycling once they have gathered they are not valuable in the money sense of the word.
Sometimes, a book has to come home with me to sit on my shelf, especially if it has been sat there unwanted by customers, I can’t bear for it to be put on the van to go elsewhere.
Lately I was excited to hear a customer pick up a large old book (about what I haven’t a clue) and I heard her declare to her friend that she would buy this because ‘it’s a really lovely book and would look great on my shelf’. Her friend looked at her somewhat strangely. I did think to myself if that were my friends, they would have understood that I needed it.
Well, I could have just about kissed her. I didn’t. But I could have.


  1. I love books of all sorts, especially the old ones!

  2. A lovely story, I understand that's woman's wish too! Sarah x

  3. I'm partial to old books too and I do have a few that I've bought because they look nice on shelves!

  4. Oh I'm totally with you. I went into a second hand book shop in the summer looking for vintage Daphne Du Maurier books (I collect them), the guy took me to a shelf with 'pretend' vintage Daphne Du Maurier books on it. I looked at him all stupid like, erm....I want an authentic, old book...not a pretend old book!! GAH!! The other odd thing about this particular shopping trip was the friend I was in the shop with immediately got her hand disinfectant thingy out when we got outside....I looked at her horrified as she confessed to be phobic about old books that other people had touched!!!!!! GOOD LORD!!! I nearly fainted :)) xx

  5. I love old books so much. I always get some when I go to the flea market. :) I also have some old cooking books from my Grandma. Some of them are more than 60 years old.

  6. I love old books, they have so much more character!