Friday, 12 December 2014

Reading Lamp

I’ve wanted one of these reading lamps for forever, and was saving up for a very expensive one in a local shop, when just by chance, I found this one in a charity shop.
I love it when that happens, so instead of paying over 100.00 I paid just 20.00.
Now my favourite reading corner is complete. I could just sit here for the entire winter season and then some. Why I may just do that.
On a different note am I the only person on the planet without their Christmas decs up yet? I’m feeling a bit left out and I’m going to have to do something about that this weekend.


  1. I put mine up today but only cos I'm hosting a do tomorrow, otherwise they don't go up until about the 18th at the earliest. Lovely lamp and a saving of eighty quid...result!

  2. Your not the only one I haven't either X

  3. Our decorations are going up later today - but I've been feeling we are late this year as it seems everywhere I drive people have lights on outside their house!
    What a bargain and your lamp looks great.

  4. That may be true, about the decorating, but you're definitely ready for some reading. Love the lamp.

  5. Ooh what a great find! I don't have any christmas decorations up - don't think I'm going to bother (bah humbug!) - I just can't be bothered hehe!

  6. Vintage shops really are the best for great finds like this!