Monday, 15 December 2014

The bed I made. Lucie Whitehouse. Book review No. 25

The bed I made Lucie Whitehouse
One stifling night in a bar in Soho, Kate meets Richard - powerful, sensual Richard. Going home with him that night is reckless and exhilarating, their connection electric. Now, eighteen months later, Kate is fleeing London for an old coastguard's cottage on the Isle of Wight, determined to forget Richard for ever.
I bought this book on the back of enjoying one of Lucie’s other books, Before we met, which was the first read for my first book club meeting.
I have to say I didn’t enjoy it as much as Before we met. But I did enjoy it. I like the way Lucie writes, it’s a thriller but not too heavy, it’s chilling and page turning, very easy to read with romance thrown in. I did find it  to be a thriller with a chick lit feel to it. Not in a bad way.
Before we met was the first time I had read any of Lucie’s books, I do that, when I’ve read a book I enjoy, I seek out the authors other books.
The bed I made had a similar feel to Before we met, in that it makes me wonder how these women get to be with men that are not all completely as they seem at first. I know this happens in ‘real life’ but really? I’m going to start looking at Mr D if I read many more of these.
Also, if you I had an inkling that I would be followed by my unstable ex, I’m not sure that moving to a relatively remote place to live on my own would be my first plan of action. Maybe that’s just me?

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