Saturday, 6 December 2014

This week.. my Tower of London Poppy came!

tower of london poppy
So pleased that at the beginning of the week my poppy came from The Tower of London, and even more pleased it was in one piece, well it was dismantled as it seems they took it out the ground and put it straight in a box, rusty stalk and all, but after hearing tales of poppy's arriving broken I breathed a sigh of relief.
It’s still sitting in the box and I’m torn between keeping it in the box and there fore safe, (as box’s go its very nice) or assembling it to display somewhere. Because what’s the point if no one can see it?
I was surprised how crudely made the poppy head is, it is complete with the finger marks of the person who made it. Kind of charming really.
Mr D was surprised, he didn’t know I had ordered one way back in August, just goes to show I can still keep a secret.


  1. Assemble. Assemble. I sound like a dalek??? Mine is assembled and rusty and totes gorge, I have it sitting in a peace lily on the kitchen counter...I thought that was ps. I assembled it all by myself, got tired of asking!

  2. Mine is still in the box - complete with mud from the tower, as I ponder how to display it. Wonderful aren't they? x

  3. I didn't realise you could purchase a poppy it makes it even more special doesn't it.

  4. It must have been quite a job sending them all out! A lovely thing to have. Sarah x