Thursday, 8 January 2015

Goals & Plans

I don’t really do resolutions, generally I’m not one to wait for the start of a New Year to make any changes I feel the need to make in my life. This year however, I’m making plans and goals for the coming year, mainly because I have quite a few things I want to do and I feel like I need to write them down here.
So this year:
Health: I already posted about my thoughts on fitness. I plan on taking more long walks (hopefully Mr will be up for that) Getting my bike out more than last year, (which lets face it won’t be hard as I neglected it last year) and maybe, just maybe doing exercise's (probably at home, I’m not sure about classes)
Music. Santa brought me a Ukulele, and I really want to learn to play it. I’ve never ever played a musical instrument (the blue recorder I owned when I was in primary school doesn't count as I couldn’t play a thing on it) so I have no clue about music cords, but Santa did bring me a couple of hours of Uke lessons to start me off, I’ve browsed You tube, and best of all a local coffee shop is having a Ukulele Club night.
Home. I love my home, it’s the only one Mr and I have lived in together, it’s nearly officially ours having lived here for about 20 years, but with that comes stuff. I’m a buyer, a collector, a girl with many likes and hobbies, books tea cups radios, pretty tins, all manor of stuff, and I like a house with stuff. I’m not a fan of the minimalist show home look. But I do feel like sometimes the stuff gets too much. I’m going to let go of some of it. And buy less of it.
Blogging. Of course there are blogging plans, I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve had my blog but it’s more than a few. I’ve had on and off relationships with it, but at the moment I feel like it’s going good. My readership has grown, I’ve got some fantastic virtual friends and I am enjoying posting. I plan on taking more photos with my big girls camera as since I got my phone and instagram which I was totally late to the party with) I’ve neglected my DLSR. I plan on posting about a variety of different things, and posting on a much more regular basis.


  1. Good luck with your new year plans. I know what you mean about "stuff". I can often be heard whinging that there is "just too much stuff in this house". I can then be found with a black bin liner! I'd really like a skip, but no one else shares my enthusiasm!! :)

  2. These seem like great plans. Cheers to 2015! (oh and it doesn't hurt to have such a cute notebook!)

  3. You have some amazing plans Claire. I hope you accomplish them all!

  4. Good luck with the ukulele. My husband took up the guitar a few years ago and loves it, wishes he'd started playing sooner.

  5. I have a friend who is into playing the ukulele too! I think it's awesome that you're going to learn! Good luck!

  6. Oh, I love that you have a ukulele! So neat! You'll have to update us on your progress :) And yes--I understand. I live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and our dog and you wouldn't believe the stuff we've crammed in here. Maybe it's more noticeable in a small space? Anyway, I understand wanting to simplify and de-clutter. Hoping to do more of that this year, too :)

  7. I actually really like the minimalist look in magazines, but, ahem, I really, really like my stuff. Trying to find a compromise look.

    Good luck with your plans and goals. They're all good ones.